“I want to sell my car for more.” We dare you to be like Sam!

Sell your car for more

We love it when the man on the street – or in this case, sam@thecarscene – is stopped in their tracks by our billboard advertising and decides to put us to the test.

Here’s the reality:

We’re under no illusion that when you say “I want to sell my car for more,”  the orange guys are going to come out tops in your online search. We’re actually super chuffed with the fact that we are ranked #2 among car-selling platforms in South Africa because our positioning just makes us try harder, go further and jump higher to get you the best cash price for your car. 

We also know you will go to We Buy Cars (WBC) first when looking to sell your car. That’s a given. We’re not naive. 

But as Sam’s consumer research illustrates, you shouldn’t stop there. An extra R5k+ could be up for grabs by being ‘Weelee sure’ and getting that second offer.  

So, when you say, “I need to sell my car for more,’” we’re hoping that Sam’s experience will be front of mind. 

Sam clearly thought it was a gutsy move for us to pit ourselves against such an industry powerhouse that has had a monopoly for so long. His exact words? “Putting up a billboard like that takes big kahunas!!” 

Here’s what you need to know:

Sam is not just some random bro; he knows what he’s talking about and has quite an Instagram following – 84 100 to be exact! (Feel free to check him out). But, until his IG video got a whole lot of press, we had not heard of him. (Probably because we were too busy trying harder, going further and jumping higher to serve our customers). 😉 Suffice to say, we do now follow him. 

According to Sam’s LinkedIn profile, he is a highly results-driven individual, which is why he decided to do what he did when confronted with our plucky billboard. He immediately took up the challenge: “Ok, I want to sell my car for more. Let’s see who will offer me more – We Buy Cars or Weelee?” 

Well, he actually said, “I’m going to sell my brother’s car.” (A 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport with 42 000 km on the clock). 

His brother had a few choice words to say when he found out, but this was just a hypothetical exercise to test two industry players. Sam wasn’t going to really sell his brother’s car. (Although he probably should have, considering the cash offer he got from us). Just saying. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

For purely consumer research purposes, his next move was to head over to the We Buy Cars buying pod with his brother’s car and his personal filtering criteria checklist. 

Here’s what happened:

  • On arrival, he told the WBC salesperson, “I want to sell my car”
  • The WBC friendly inspector did his checks and Sam did his
  • The service was brilliant and the whole process took about 20 minutes 
  • They went on a test drive
  • WBC offered Sam R240K.

Then it was time to be ‘Weelee sure:’

  • Again, Sam had no complaints about customer service
  • The Weelee inspector did his checks and Sam did his
  • They went on a test drive
  • The process was practically the same as We Buy Cars; super-efficient and very friendly service
  • Weelee offered Sam R245k. 🙌

Sam’s conclusion? “I guess it does pay to be Weelee sure!”

Want to sell your car for more? Be 'Weelee sure'

There you have it. You don’t have to believe us but believe Sam and our 10/10 Trust Index Rating HelloPeter. (50 000 satisfied customers can’t all be wrong).  

The end of the matter? Size is clearly not everything and Sam’s consumer research confirms that we deserve to play in the same arena as We Buy Cars. (It always pays to ‘go green’). 😊

So, the next time you hear someone say “I want to sell my car for more,” direct them to Weelee (or Sam’s Instagram video).
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