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I’m emigrating and need to sell my car | 5 Reasons to choose Weelee

A young couple waves goodbye to their family before they emigrate

Making the decision to emigrate is seldom as easy as it looks in the movies. Whether you’re headed for the UK, Australia, Canada, America, Portugal or any number of other popular emigration destinations, getting rid of some of your larger prized possessions – including your car(s) – can feel like an administrative nightmare with minimal returns. If you hadn’t considered Weelee, you really should. We step in to give you the best deal, fastest process and most efficient service when selling your car, so you can have more time to sort out the other emotionally-draining and cumbersome tasks on your emigration agenda. 

Many people seeking greener pastures outside of South Africa are hoping for a better income, more work opportunities for their children, a safer place to live, and improved service delivery. And while home affairs or any number of other government services are unlikely to make you give Mzansi another chance, we know that selling your car with Weelee will leave you with more reasons for hope. 🇿🇦

If our trust index rating of 10/10 on Hellopeter, and a ranking of #2 (just behind the orange guys at WBCs), isn’t enough to get you selling your car with us, here are 5 additional reasons to make you smile before you jet off across the globe:

#1 Sell your car & enjoy instant cash for emigration expenses

The process of packing up, bidding farewell and getting all your ducks in a row before boarding the long-haul flight to your new home can be an incredibly expensive exercise (with loads of unforeseen costs along the way).

This makes the task of selling your car an opportune moment for gaining a few extra rands in your bank account to tackle the endless bills.

Following an exhausting day at home affairs, Weelee is your knight in shining armour, providing a high-stakes bidding process to ensure you emerge with the best price when selling your car. 

And once our winning dealer has come to you to check out the vehicle, you’ll benefit from instant cash (in the form of an interbank transfer) before waving goodbye to your car in the best way possible. 

A family loads up their car to go on a trip

#2 Sell your car with minimal hassle & paperwork

With endless piles of paperwork to fill out as part of the process of leaving SA and being permitted residence into a new country, the last thing you want is another highly administrative and tiring task to tackle.

That’s why selling your car with Weelee is so straightforward and hassle-free! Simply fill in our online form (in just 2 minutes), upload your car’s details and relax – in the comfort of your home – while we sort out the rest. 

No need to arrange the vehicle’s new registration at the licensing department, no burdensome trips to various dealerships to get a good deal and (most importantly) no time-wasting.

#3 Sell your car fast

With so many items on your to-do list and so little time, you may be stressed about the prospect of selling your car at the last minute (and the hours it might sap from your already-packed schedule). “Moenie worry nie!” Weelee is all about speed and convenience.

Upload your vehicle on our website in just 2 minutes, see the bids rushing in over just 24-hours and arrange quick cash in your pocket when our winning dealer comes to you (at a convenient time) to buy your used car. 🚗 (You now have a little more time to spend with your loved ones before you bid farewell). 

#4 Sell your car safely

South Africa’s rising crime stats account for much of the reasoning behind the pursuit of alternative places to live, work and play. But when you think of selling your car online, your ears may prick up as you worry about the cyber security risks and dodgy dealers doing the rounds.

Let Weelee allay your fears with our secure online process (which includes number plate blurring technology and 256bit SSL encryption to protect your identity during the selling process). 

A family packs their luggage into a car before going overseas

#5 Sell your car & experience professional & efficient service

Slow service, endless excuses and painful processes may have become the daily reality that began to drive you out of SA (but this is not true of every aspect of life in our beautiful country – and it needn’t be when it comes to selling your car).

The Weelee team are renowned for their friendly, helpful, efficient and accommodating service that always goes the extra mile for our customers. (Our reviews will back this up). 

We’ll never leave you in the lurch with unanswered questions and slow response times. Before you pack your bags and jet off, let the Weelee team be the reason to hope for a brighter future for SA. 

Choose to sell your car with Weelee today!
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