Looking To Sell Your Car?

If you want to sell your car quickly for some extra cash, you’ve come to the right place! Weelee.co.za is South Africa’s newest and most exciting answer to selling your car securely in the comfort of your home or office – without wasting any time.

Do we buy cars?

No, the Weelee Team provides you a one-stop online service to help sell your car by connecting you with serious, accredited people who buy used cars. With us, you don’t limit yourself to only one buyer or dealer, because your used car is viewed by hundreds of pre-approved buyers.

Do we support any online contact between sellers and buyers?

Absolutely! Our buyers come into contact with you in a professional way during an efficient and streamlined online process. After you receive all their offers, you may choose the highest one. There’s no need for you to compromise on the price and settle for less when you have hundreds of cash offers to choose from!

Do we promise a fast used car sale?

Yes, it’s all very exciting to watch the price on your car climb as experienced buyers compete for it. Weelee.co.za is your best best if the best price is what you’re after, because we eliminate any chances for negotiations!

Getting cash for cars without compromising on safety and security is more than possible with us. Plus, no time is wasted with potential buyers who are only half-interested.

Contact us today for more information OR follow us on Facebook @WeeleeSA for the latest second hand car sale news!

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