The bold and the (ruggedly) beautiful –  Let’s talk about REALLY LARGE SUVs

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado drives over sand dunes with ease

Are you looking for a vehicle with uncompromising off-road capabilities, a plush and sporty exterior, a spacious, safe and comfortable cabin and towing capacity for your boat, trailer or caravan? If you can foot the hefty start-up cost, selling your car (be it a hatchback, sedan or compact SUV) to invest in one of these commanding vehicles will give you the ultimate power trip.

With enough muscle for quick acceleration, excellent bundu-bashing handling for those trips to the wild coast or Kruger Park, and effortless gliding ability on tar for school runs, these super-sized luxury vehicles will ignite your passion for adventure and exploration in our beautiful country (and make you want to sell your car to buy one). 

These rugged performance vehicles are made to impress with their sleek looks and impressive capabilities. (Plus you have so many to choose from).

Toyota Fortuner demonstrates its off-road capability by driving through a forest.

Let’s unpack their numerous pros and a couple of cons to bear in mind when selling your car to buy one:

BIGGER is often better

Our diverse country is vast and filled with so many stunning places to explore and discover. It can feel restrictive to have a sedan, hatchback or compact SUV that doesn’t take you where you need to go because of its off-road incapacity and lack of space for the family and pets etc. But owning a large luxury SUV means the world is your oyster. From the rolling hills of the Drakensberg and the lush coastline of the Western Cape to the semi-desert landscapes of the Karoo, you can add a different adventure to your bucket list every weekend.

Here’s a look at the other major highlights of selling your car for a large luxury SUV:

  1. Space – From bonnet to boot, it’s tough to find a roomier option with the off-road capabilities of a large SUV. Ideal for large families with 7-seater options in models like the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Haval H9, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to name a few. These models also offer generous boot space (think 608l in the Kia Sorento or 810l in the VW Touareg) so you can bring the dog, the pram, tents or easily attach a bicycle, surfboard or kayak to the roof.
  1. Comfort – if you’ve got a restless spirit and need your vehicle to power through any terrain, it’s just as important that you and your loved ones are comfortable in the cabin for the long haul. These sturdy vehicles never compromise on luxury with plush leather interiors, slick features like extra storage, ambient lighting, lumbar support, extra leg-room (for the giraffes of the family), sizeable shoulder space (for those regularly pumping iron at the gym), temperature control to keep everyone happy and infotainment systems to suit all preferences (why not sell your uncomfortable car now).

BMW X5 shows off its sleek looks on a paved road

  1. Safety – These vehicles leave nothing to chance with cameras at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle, ensuring you can easily drive out of a tight parking or squeeze through a traffic jam. Many of these vehicles have the bonus of driver-assistance systems, warning the driver of hazards, crashes, blind spots and even preventing potential accidents. The off-road capabilities of large SUVs mean that their grip and handling on potholed, wet and muddy roads are streets ahead of their competitors. The ground clearance of large SUVs means that mounting a pavement will never be an issue nor will your view of potential hazards on the road such as fallen branches or collisions. While the additional weight of these SUVs can make them more thirsty, they have the added benefit of handling the force of an impact better. If that wasn’t enough, the additional space between the driver and the front bumper improves the vehicle’s protection against physical harm in the event of a collision. 
  1. Power – When you sit in the driver’s seat of a Land Rover Discovery Sport, Volvo XC90 or Mercedes Benz G-Wagon you’ll soon realise that these vehicles are packed with power for acceleration and off-road manoeuvring. They are agile on tar for getting to the office and running errands around town and hardy on the off-road. The elevated height and drivetrain mean you’re not scraping your undercarriage on uneven ground and you can cover any ground (be it sand, dirt, gravel or tar). They are sturdy, robust and durable with extra muscle to tow the trailer, boat or caravan wherever you need to go. 

Sell your car for a Nissan Patrol with excellent abilities in muddy conditions

BIGGER is NOT always better

Large luxury SUVs aren’t for everyone. While they do pack in power, on-road and off-road efficiency, comfort and space into one vehicle, their price tags are often the reason ordinary South Africans have to pass them by.  We advise that you don’t sell your car before you factor in the cost. 

Prices on these capable vehicles are dear, with options like the Toyota Fortuner and the Kia Sorento opening the market, and the coveted Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jaguar F-Pace being prohibitive for many (unless you sell your car to buy one).

These cars are considered to be an investment since they manage to hold their value if maintained well. On the plus side, the safety features of these cars mean the car insurance premiums aren’t as outlandish as their sports car competitors. If these prices are out of reach, perhaps consider selling your compact SUV for a second-hand Audi Q7 or BMW X5 with low mileage.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is comfortable on the off-road

Historically, these vehicles also meant thirsty engines, but manufacturers have sought to improve their offering with hybrid models that impress with low fuel economy with models like the Volvo XC90 claiming a 2.1l per 100km fuel economy with the hybrid model. The more affordable Toyota Fortuner claims between 10 and 14.4l per 100km while the Nissan Patrol’s fuel economy sits at 14l per 100km.

After a high start-up cost, owners must remember to also factor in the maintenance costs. The size of the wheels and intricate details of the interior mean replacing these can be cumbersome. The heavier weight of large SUVs also means you will need to replace tyres and maintain brakes more regularly than with lighter, more compact sedans and hatchbacks.

While parking and general manoeuvrability were legitimate concerns in the past, with all the cameras and alerts that these vehicles now possess, these considerations will soon fade away with the pleasure of driving the all-capable vehicles.

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