The safest way to sell your car & buy a ‘new’ one

Sell your car and buy a new one safely with Weelee

Buying or selling a used car can be an extremely daunting and time consuming process. As South Africans, we automatically put our guards up when we see an offer that’s too good to be true. With so many online scams and dodgy dealers making the news, we need to be assured of our security before taking the plunge to sell or buy a car. 

The following questions are top of mind: “Where can I find a safe and positively-reviewed car buying and selling place? Where can I experience efficient, speedy service from trusted sales professionals? Where can I enjoy a hassle-free online buying, selling or bidding process that’s easy to follow?”  Weelee’s new offering is the definitive answer to all these car buying and selling concerns.

With a trusted reputation in the online car sales industry (check out our star-rating on Hello Peter), Weelee is excited to launch a ‘buy a car’ and ‘online auction’ option to make the entire process of buying and selling your car that much safer and stress-free. 

Let’s unpack 3 of the safest car-related processes you can enter into with Weelee in 2023:

#1 Sell your car

When the time comes to sell up and part with your wheels, you need assurance that you aren’t running down a rabbit hole of complicated, time-consuming transactions, misleading salespeople and shady buyers. You want to get the best price and the best experience in the process. 

You want an online sales experience that ticks all these boxes:

  • A website that uses number plate blurring technology and 256 bit SSL encryption to protect your identity and ensure your complete safety
  • From upload to offer, a process that is easy and simple to follow
  • An expert, knowledgeable team that has your back; giving you regular updates and ensuring that you receive a competitive offer
  • A process that is quick and hassle-free.

Weelee is the safest place to sell your car

#2 Buy a car

Once you’ve sold your car for a competitive price, it’s time to engage in the exciting process of buying a car online or at Weelee Centurion.

With Weelee, there’s no need to drive around in search for the best deal. We bring wholesale prices to the public through our user-friendly website on a daily basis.

The process is so simple; just click on the ‘buy a car’ tab online to view bakkies, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars and family vans from all the best car brands. View photos, pricing, odometer readings and more details about the vehicle before making an online enquiry with one of our consultants. You can also view the car in-person and organise a test drive at one of our branches.

Buy a car securely from a Weelee showroom

When you decide to buy a car, you can opt to pay cash or we can connect you with a bank to arrange a flexible monthly payment option that suits your budget.

#3 Join our online auction

Auctions have a reputation for connecting savvy bidders with sweet deals. But, the thrill of an in-person auction can often place the bidder in danger of making an ill-considered offer on a car that fails to meet their requirements.

Join a secure online auction and get the best deal when buying a car.

The benefit of our secure, online auction is that you can make an informed, considered decision to buy a car based on accurate information provided to you. You will be supplied with the car’s independent condition report to put your mind at ease.

Interested buyers can also view the car at a secure location before slamming down the hammer.

Why choose to buy & sell your car with Weelee?

At Weelee, we make your security our priority and take pride in our experienced team of expert consultants, safe website and efficient turnaround times – making Weelee the best place to sell, buy or bid on a car.

Visit our website and experience just how secure our process is.
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