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Buying and selling used cars in South Africa can be a minefield for customers! Not only do prospective customers have to negotiate the scammers from the real McCoys, there is the potential pitfalls of financing and cash clearances that make transactions an arduous process! Recognising this, the concept of Weelee was born – An online platform that allows you to sell your car for the best price – in one quick, easy and safe process.

We believe in strict regulation and operate like a dating match website, only without the nasty surprises! In coming up with this concept, we decided to have some fun in finding a catchy name to baptize our online auto marketplace name. Needless to say, we get all sorts of misspellings, from wheely, Wilie to weelie.  Even a Google Search of the word “Weelee”, will try and convince you to change your spelling. We can assure you, you’ve got the right search criteria, and certainly, the best online marketplace in South Africa to conveniently sell your used car to a genuine bidder.

Weelee’s Foundations

Contrary to what you might think, Weelee was not founded by a Wynand Evert Ethan Lee or any of his direct descendants. It is the brainchild of a group of car enthusiasts keen on providing a solution to auto trading, and getting the best price for your pre-loved car. As our product offering is something different, we wanted to come up with a catchphrase that stands out from the crowd with a name that sticks in their mind. Many folks raised their eyebrows at nonsensical brand names such as Tinder™, Uberand Trivagowhen they first entered the market. However, look at their global success and popularity, and it is clear to see that their quirky name never hindered their growth. We asked ourselves questions such as, “which part of Uber lends its hand to transport”, or “what element of the brand name LGrelates even remotely to electronics and appliances”? The truth is; whatever it translates to, a business name means nothing until it becomes a brand name! And so, after arguing over many variations, we settled with the fun and quirky name Weelee. Very easy to slip off the tongue, but not so straightforward to spell.

It weelee works!

Weelee works off a simple to use platform that is the safest and most effective way to sell your car to a pre-approved buyer. Best of all, we have filtered out the chancers, the ptw’s (professional time wasters) and scammers, presenting you with pre-approved cash buyers looking for a used car that matches your machine. Best of all is FREE to join, with no Fee’s payable by either party. With its peculiar name and ‘no frills’ approach to auto trading, Weelee is the essential platform to sell your car. Find out more and see how you can secure the best price today.

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