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What is my second-hand car really worth?

When selling your second-hand car, your #1 goal is to get the best cash deal, in the quickest time and in the safest way possible. You really do want to avoid ‘meh’ service, risky private deals and ‘lower than book value’ trade-in offers when researching the value of your car and parting with your trusty wheels. 


Weeleeing your car will not only mean a hassle-free experience, but it will also result in you getting the best deal, thanks to our innovative online platform where 1000s of our pre-approved and reputable dealers will bid on your car. 

But wait there’s more…

You even get your very own personal Weelee expert consultant who is just a phone call or WhatsApp away.


When establishing your car’s resale value, there are a few basics to bear in mind:


  • BE PROACTIVE – Do an annual check on the market/trade value of your car. (Book value is generally based on the market retail value and trade-in value is generally less than the book value).
  • BE WARNED – The minute you drive your new car out of a showroom, it will depreciate in value. This sobering fact will help you adjust your car’s resale price expectation. (The exception is perhaps the sportscar or collectables market which tends to hold its value).
  • BE REALISTIC – Industry online value calculators help you work out the retail value of your car based on a few factors:
  1. The year of manufacture
  2. Your car’s mileage
  3. The general aesthetic condition of your car (Has it been in an accident? Are there dents and scratches etc?)
  4. The colour of your car
  5. Personalising your car can have a negative effect on your car’s resale value. Car trends change. You may love those mags, spoilers and free-flow exhausts, but not everyone will. 
  • BE SAVVY – If you want to get the best price possible when selling your car and still have some negotiating power when it comes to your car’s worth, look after your car – maintain services, fix little things that can be fixed, and take great photos of your car – inside & out. 


Need to sell your car for what it’s worth? Head online to Weelee, complete the application form and upload your car. Once your personal consultant has contacted you, over 1000 pre-approved and trusted dealers will bid for your car. (You’re in for an exciting ride!)


It’s all about walking away with the best cash price in line with your car’s valuation when you Weelee your car. 

(Just ask our 1000s of satisfied customers).

If you are looking to sell your car, you’ve probably heard about Weelee and you may be wondering, “Do we buy cars?”

No, we don’t buy cars, but our 1000’s of pre-approved and reputable dealers do, and they are the car industry experts who will be bidding for your car – optimising the competitive process between dealer and seller and giving you fair access to a wide range of dealers (and offers). This makes Weelee’s innovative platform highly competitive so you can get the best cash price when you sell your car.  

But before you upload your car using our fast, safe and hassle-free 3-step process, and before our dealers buy your car, there is a simple checklist to follow that will up the value of your car:

  • Fix the little things – windscreen wipers, indicator lights etc.
  • Wash and wax – a sparkly clean car has a much better online presence.
  • Photoshoot – take great photos of all angles of your car and take close-ups of your car’s best features – leather seats, cool mags, sound system etc
  • Paperwork – make sure your car’s service records, repair receipts and documentation are available and up-to-date.
  • Honesty is the best policy – disclose any imperfections or issues about your car’s condition upfront.


Then go ahead and upload your car on our fast, simple and completely secure online platform. The dealers will spring into action, and over a 24-hour period you will see the bids coming in. (It is so exciting!) The entire process is also completely obligation-free – you only accept the bid you decide on and you can walk away at any time. 

We hope that sufficiently answers your query concerning us buying cars.

With our vetted dealers bidding it out for your car, you will get your car sold for the best cash price out there. That is a winning Weelee solution and that is why our brand has become a verb. Weelee it today!

Professional service


Enjoy friendly and expert advice from our knowledgable Weelee team as they get you the best deal possible.
Best cash price


Our innovative bidding platform utilises thousands of preapproved dealers to compete for your vehicle so you always get the best possible deal.

Safe and secure


Our website uses number plate blurring technology and 128bit SSL encryption to protect a client’s identity, ensuring their complete safety.
Quick and easy


From upload to offer, our easy-to-use website ensures a quick, simple and hassle-free experience.


At Weelee, we pride ourselves on making your entire car selling process as seamless and convenient as possible. But don’t just take our word for it; see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us.

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Check out our customer reviews.


Through our innovative bidding platform, 1000’s of pre-approved dealers fight it out to give you the highest possible offer. This is unlike the traditional car sales method where only one buyer gives you a single offer.

It’s simple. Complete our quick, obligation-free online application form above. One of our expert consultants will then be in contact with you. Your car will then be loaded onto our innovative bidding platform where 1000’s of dealers will bid on your car – ensuring you receive the best cash price. Once you accept the offer, our certified dealer will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect your car to ensure it matches your profile. Remember, all offers are subject to inspection. After inspection, all necessary paperwork will be completed, fast payment will be arranged, and the sale concluded.

  • Vehicle details and mileage.
  • Good quality exterior photos of your car (front, back, left side, right side).
  • Full description of the vehicle’s condition, including tyres, bodywork and service history.

You will receive a WhatsApp within 1 hour of application. Your personal sales consultant will also be in touch via phone call within 2 hours of application during business operating hours.

At Weelee, we value your privacy and place great importance on information security.

  • We only disclose your information to the specific dealer once you accept the offer and grant us permission to put you in contact with our dealer.
  • We also blur all vehicle registration number plates and/or any other personal information that might be visible on the uploaded pictures.