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Weelee’s innovative online bidding platform is a game-changer, giving your second-hand bakkie access to 1000’s of pre-approved dealers and guaranteeing you the best deal possible.

The bakkie is a ubiquitous South African icon and an inherent part of our rainbow nation’s psyche and identity. On-road or offroad, from farm to city, our love for bakkies is unmatched and a definitive part of our car culture. So, when it comes time to part with yours, you will want to Weelee it – the proudly South African option!

Bakkies are tough, dependable, practical and ruggedly good looking, making them ‘hot property’ on the second-hand car selling market. There is a broad demographic out there dying to get their hands on one, and so you need a trusted online platform that will give your beloved bakkie a competitive industry edge ensuring you get the best cash price. 

  • ‘n Boer soek ‘n bakkie  – Farmers are always looking for a no-nonsense mechanical workhorse that will rise to the daily demands of farming life – transporting sheep, cows, chickens and feed.  
  • Bob the builder – Rock up at a construction site and the collection of bakkies is impressive. The building industry is nothing without a  bakkie – transporting bricks, sand, pipes, wood and glass. 
  • Country mouse to city mouse – It was inevitable that the bakkie would evolve into a family-friendly vehicle and make its way to the city. And it is just as well because the popular double cab bakkie has made a way for urbanites to survive South Africa’s potholed roads – transporting kids (and their friends), pets, sports gear, and the odd couch. 
  • Adrenalin junkies – The 4×4 culture is not going anywhere – except on an adventure. South Africa’s 4×4 trails are a fantastic way to experience our beautiful landscapes and still get a thrill ride. And for that, you will need a 4×4 bakkie for transporting your off-road checklist – spare tires, hi-lift jacks, shovels, chainsaws, snow tire chains, winch kits etc. 

When you Weelee your bakkie, you don’t want just anyone buying it. Cue our 1000’s of pre-approved and reputable Weelee dealers who are waiting to buy your bakkie and have access to the world out there which loves bakkies – farmers, builders, townies & 4x4ers

These industry leaders will fight it out in an online bidding war to buy your bakkie. And you can sit back – on your farm, on your 4×4 trail, at your building site or while transporting your kids and their kit to a sports match – and watch the competitive bids come in.  

So, from a single cab, an extended cab or a double cab, don’t just sell your bakkie – Weelee It! 

Upload your bakkie today on our hassle-free platform and watch the bids come in on our Weelee online auction. (Besides guaranteeing you the best deal possible, we can guarantee it is more exciting than a sheep auction or an off road trail adventure!).

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Through our innovative bidding platform, 1000’s of pre-approved dealers fight it out to give you the highest possible offer. This is unlike the traditional car sales method where only one buyer gives you a single offer.

It’s simple. Complete our quick, obligation-free online application form above. One of our expert consultants will then be in contact with you. Your car will then be loaded onto our innovative bidding platform where 1000’s of dealers will bid on your car – ensuring you receive the best cash price. Once you accept the offer, our certified dealer will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect your car to ensure it matches your profile. Remember, all offers are subject to inspection. After inspection, all necessary paperwork will be completed, fast payment will be arranged, and the sale concluded.

  • Vehicle details and mileage.
  • Good quality exterior photos of your car (front, back, left side, right side).
  • Full description of the vehicle’s condition, including tyres, bodywork and service history.

You will receive a WhatsApp within 1 hour of application. Your personal sales consultant will also be in touch via phone call within 2 hours of application during business operating hours.

At Weelee, we value your privacy and place great importance on information security.

  • We only disclose your information to the specific dealer once you accept the offer and grant us permission to put you in contact with our dealer.
  • We also blur all vehicle registration number plates and/or any other personal information that might be visible on the uploaded pictures.