Buy a used car with installments under R2k

Buy a Kia Picanto for under R2 000 per month

Are you looking to buy a used car on a tight budget? Are your current monthly car installments keeping you awake at night? How can you cut costs and free up enough money for a reliable vehicle that will get you from A to B? Stop losing sleep and start living with Weelee. We’ve got a range of quality and price-savvy second-hand cars just waiting for you with installments under R2 000 per month. Yes, you heard it right. That’s less than the cost of a meal and movie for a family of 4, less than the accumulation of your takeaway coffees for a month and less than the petrol for a weekend away to a nearby town! 

You may still be shocked that this offer is real, so we’re giving you 3 reasons why buying a used car for under R2k per month with Weelee is a wise choice:

#1 It’s a next-level bargain

What can you realistically buy with a budget of R2 000? Perhaps a week’s groceries (if you don’t shop at Woolworths) or petrol for a month (if you mostly work from home).

There’s really not a lot of wiggle room. A few Uber trips and the budget is capped.

And where can you realistically buy a used car for less than R2k per month? The options are limited – but not with Weelee. 

We pride ourselves in bringing wholesale prices to the public through our online deals on top brand cars. 

Buy a Fiat 500 for installments under R2k at Weelee

What are some of the sexy rides you can buy for just R2k? 

  • A Chevrolet Spark with 67 000 kms on the clock
  • A classic Fiat 500 with under 60 000 kms on the dial
  • A 2013 Kia Picanto with under 150 000 kms
  • A 2013 Ford Fiesta with under 200 000 kms on the dial (and a price tag under R110K)
  • A 2011 VW Polo Vivo with under 100 000 kms of experience for under R110K

You don’t necessarily need to be looking for a small ride to fit into the R2k per month budget category with Weelee. We’ve got trusty older Hyundai Tucsons and Nissan X-Trails in this bracket too. Try your luck with us and discover a great deal!

#2 Weelee provides 5-star service

Service excellence goes a long way to making your car buying or selling experience that much more pleasant and simple. Sometimes bad service can see you running for the door even if you are supposedly going to score a great deal.

This is where Weelee ticks all the boxes. We’re backed by thousands of 5-star reviews on trusted platforms like Hellopeter, assuring frugal customers that we are not out to take them for a ride. 

We also pride ourselves in creating a fast, efficient, safe and simple process when it comes to selling your car online or buying a used vehicle at one of our showrooms. Match that with helpful, insightful, trustworthy and accommodating customer service, throw in wholesale prices and excellent deals and you’ll keep coming back for more.

A customer experiences excellent service at Weeleee

#3 The car comes from a reputable dealer

Buying a used car can be a scary and intimidating process with so many ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and dodgy dealers on the streets. When getting car installments for under R2 000 per month, you need assurance that you are not getting cheated out of something.

Weelee Kempton Park is a reputable used car dealer

Weelee is your safety net, with:

  • Over 500 quality used cars for sale from top brands at wholesale prices
  • Transparency regarding each vehicle’s service history
  • Detailed condition reports provided prior to purchase.
Don’t waste your money paying for high-cost Uber rides and exorbitant monthly car installments. Browse our range of cars under R2K per month and save.
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