Through our innovative bidding platform, 1000’s of pre-approved dealers fight it out to give you the highest possible offer, including our very own Weelee buyers. This is unlike the traditional car sales method where only one buyer gives you a single offer. Weelee ensures you get multiple offers, putting you in control, allowing you to get the best cash price for your car.

It’s simple. Complete our quick, obligation-free online application form on www.sellmycar.weelee.co.za. One of our expert consultants will then be in contact with you via call, WhatsApp and/or Email. Your car will then be loaded onto our innovative bidding platform where 1000’s of dealers will bid on your car – ensuring you receive the best cash price. Once you accept the offer, either a certified dealer or a Weelee buyer will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect your car to ensure it matches your profile. Remember, all offers are subject to inspection. After inspection, all necessary paperwork will be completed, instant payment will be arranged, and the sale concluded.
  • Your vehicle details such as make as model, service history and mileage.
  • Full description of the vehicle’s condition, including tyres, bodywork and service history is helpful.
  • Good quality exterior photos of your car (front, back, left side, right side) will help Weelee get you an offer faster, so if you can provide these that would be great.

You will receive a WhatsApp within 1 hour of application. Your personal sales consultant will also be in touch via phone call within 2 hours of application during business operating hours.

At Weelee, we value your privacy and place great importance on information security.

  • We only disclose your information to the specific dealer once you accept the offer and grant us permission to put you in contact with our dealer.
  • We also blur all vehicle registration number plates and/or any other personal information that might be visible on the uploaded pictures.

No, the service is completely free to you! No fee is payable by you to Weelee.

The more transparently you explain all details about your vehicle, the more accurate your offer will be. All offers are subject to an inspection to ensure vehicle details and condition were disclosed correctly.

Once you have accepted the offer to sell your car, we put you in contact with the certified dealer or Weelee Buyer, who offered the highest cash price for your vehicle, to conclude the sale. The dealer will then arrange an appointment with you or the Weelee Buyer will come directly to you.

The dealer or Weelee Buyer will do an inspection on the vehicle to confirm that your vehicle’s details and condition were accurately described, and thereafter do all relevant paperwork and arrange the processing of the payment to you.

If the vehicle is as per the description loaded on the profile, your offer will not change. The offer will only differ if upon inspection it is found that the vehicle’s details and/or condition are not as per the description provided. You are, however, under no obligation to accept any adjusted offer.

By accepting the offer with the dealer or Weelee Buyer, you agree to sell the vehicle.

Once you decide to accept an offer, the specific Weelee approved dealer or the Weelee Buyer will guide you through the processes and liaise with the bank should any money on the vehicle be outstanding. This is done to ensure the sale is hassle-free and secure.

  • If your car is not (or no longer) financed, the dealer will pay the offer in full via EFT to the legally registered owner of the vehicle.
  • If there’s a settlement on your car which is lower than the purchase price, the dealer will pay the settlement in full to the relevant financial institution and the remainder will be paid to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • If there’s a settlement on your car which is higher than the purchase price, you will need to pay the remaining balance to the dealer for the dealer to settle the account fully (or if arranged with the dealer, pay the remaining balance to the financial institution directly), so that the dealer can obtain the original registration document from the financial institution.

If your vehicle is sold directly to a Weelee Buyer, then Weelee will either pay you directly, or the relevant financial institution if the vehicle is still financed.

If your vehicle was sold through Weelee’s bidding platform; the sale transaction is between you as the seller and the Weelee approved dealer as the purchaser. Accordingly, the dealer will make payment directly to you or the relevant financial institution if the vehicle is still financed.


Yes, you can! Shop thousands of quality used cars at wholesale prices. All Weelee’s stock come with full condition reports, and onsite finance options to ensure you can purchase your dream ride with confidence. Trade-in’s welcome!

  • Shop at wholesale prices that are affordable.
  • Thousands of quality cars to choose from.
  • Multiple finance and insurance options to suit your budget.
  • Independent condition reports on all vehicles for full transparency.

You can browse all our vehicles on our website or visit the Weelee Megastore in Midstream. Eco Glades 1, 70 Ribbon Grass St, Eco-Park Estate, Centurion, 0144. Or call us on 010 013 3098.

  1. Upload your car to sell it or bring it to the Weelee Megastore:
    Complete the form to sell your car by uploading your car’s details in under 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can bring your vehicle to the Weelee Megastore in Midstream and one of our expert buyers will evaluate your car onsite whilst you have a cup of coffee.
  1. Evaluation
    A Weelee expert will evaluate your vehicle. Your vehicle will either be placed on Weelee’s innovative bidding platform whereby thousands of approved dealers bid on your car, or Weelee will buy the car directly from you if it’s a vehicle Weelee is looking to source.
  1. Get an Offer
    If you are happy with the offer, we will either connect you with the approved dealer or a Weelee Buyer will come to you to conclude the sale of your vehicle.
  1. Browse Quality Used Cars
    Browse through all our vehicles on the Buy A Carpage, or come to the Megastore in Midstream to see and experience the vehicles, and take a test drive.
  1. Trade-In To your New Ride
    Choose one of the available vehicles and we’ll help you trade-in your current vehicle.

Please call/ WhatsApp our After Sales consultant on 066 330 6109 or email him aftersales@weelee.co.za  

We will contact you to arrange the collection of your vehicle. If the vehicle was purchased through financing, additional steps will be applicable. All vehicle deliveries take place at the Weelee Megastore in Midstream – Eco Glades 1, 70 Ribbon Grass St, Eco-Park Estate, Centurion, 0144. You can also call us on 010 013 3098

  1. Identification and driver’s licence verification
    In order to proceed with the test drive, we require your consent to perform identity verification checks against relevant government agencies, including the Department of Home Affairs, to confirm your identity and validate your driver’s licence.
  2. Collection of personal information
    You understand and consent to Weelee collecting and processing personal information, including your name, address, date of birth, driver’s licence number, and other relevant information necessary for identity verification and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Your personal information will be used solely for the purpose of confirming your identity and validating your driver’s licence for the test drive. It will not be shared with any third parties unless required by law.
  3. Right to refuse
    Weelee reserves the right to refuse a test drive if the identity verification process is not completed satisfactorily or if there are concerns about the authenticity of the provided information

Yes, we offer Rent to Own through WeFinCarRentals – https://www.wefincarrentals.co.za/

Meet up with their expert consultants on site at the Weelee Megastore in Midstream.