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Like many Mzansi locals, you are likely feeling the financial pinch. With countless debit orders coming off your bank account every month, leaping to buy a used car is daunting. Whether you’re buying your first car or struggling to keep the debt off your back, Weelee wants to give you a reason for hope. Our payment holiday means you can delay your first instalment on your car purchase, allowing you to catch your breath (and enjoy your new ride without the immediate financial burden).

But what is a payment holiday? What are the benefits of receiving one? In what circumstances should you opt-in to receive this break?

Weelee is here to put your mind at ease as you drive off into the sunset, knowing you can conquer the repayments while basking in the glory of a pre-loved car:

Payment holiday benefits

There are several great benefits when you opt for a payment holiday (of up to 2 months) when you choose to buy a used car at Weelee Centurion:

 #1 Financial relief when you need it

Buying a second-hand car involves upfront costs: insurance, repairs, registration etc. By delaying your repayments for a month or two, Weelee gives you a breather to pay off those initial costs before getting the monthly jab in your bank account – so you can start the car-owning process in the green.

#2 Improved financial planning

A little payment holiday can be what you need to save a small lump sum from assisting with future repayments, paying off other high-interest debts or building an emergency fund. This makes the next added debit order that much more manageable.

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#3 A cushion for unexpected expenses

When unexpected financial expenses such as healthcare bills, assisting an unemployed family member, or home repair costs come knocking at your door, the Weelee payment holiday gives you the space to attend to these emergencies. 

#4 Smoother transition to vehicle ownership

First-time car owners commonly face an uphill battle in managing the new expenses related to their vehicle purchases. Managing fuel bills, repair and maintenance costs and insurance can be a huge wake-up call. Having a payment holiday gives you the time to become accustomed to the new expenses without becoming overwhelmed, leading to a more pleasant and long-lasting car ownership experience. 

Scenarios where a payment holiday would be helpful

While there are several pros to receiving a payment vaycay, it’s important to state upfront that a payment holiday is not extended to everyone looking to buy a car at Weelee Centurion. 

The payment holiday option is agreed upon when applying for finance and is at the financial institution’s discretion. 

However, here are a few common South African scenarios  where a payment holiday would be beneficial:

#1 Changing jobs

Are you beginning employment for the first time? Did you suffer a gap in employment for a few months? Are you starting a new job soon and need a breather? Payment holiday to the rescue!

#2 Education costs

Tertiary education costs in South Africa are a huge expense, with many parents or guardians looking to buy a vehicle for their child as they move away from home to study. Students who choose to buy their own car and work alongside their studies may need a payment break to start off the new expense commitments on the right foot.

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#3 Unexpected health costs

Good health is something we often take for granted. A sudden diagnosis or accident can quickly turn into a financial disaster. A short car payment break can function as a buffer during a difficult month or two.

#4 Sudden economic downturn

Loss of employment, unexpected lack of divorce maintenance funding, or a sudden retrenchment can spell financial disaster, leading to unpaid car instalments. A payment holiday can cushion the blow, making payments more realistic when employment is sought. 

8 Reasons to choose Weelee Centurion

A payment holiday is a great reason to buy a used car at Weelee Centurion, but here are a few other reasons to make Weelee your first choice when looking for a second-hand vehicle:

  • Wholesale prices and unbelievable deals 
  • A selection of thousands of quality used vehicles to choose from at Weelee Centurion
  • Finance options available
  • Negotiable pricing
  • Thousands of positive reviews on a trusted independent platform like Hellopeter
  • A straightforward, quick and safe buying process
  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • Great trade-in deals when you also choose to sell your car with Weelee.

Discover all the brilliant benefits of a payment siesta when you choose to buy a used car at Weelee Centurion.

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