I want to sell my Isuzu bakkie | 3 Reasons to ‘Weelee it’

Sell your Isuzu bakkie for the best cash price

They’re tough, capable, reliable, powerful and rugged. Known for their ability to push the limits off the beaten track and traverse the urban jungle, Isuzu bakkies have built a solid reputation in South Africa over the last 60 years. So when the time comes to sell your Isuzu bakkie, you know that your workhorse is worth a fair price. Low-ball offers won’t cut it. Slow processes and irrelevant sales talk won’t fly. You need to sell your Isuzu bakkie fast, securely and for the most moola. 

This is where Weelee comes to the rescue. We’ve been in the business of buying bakkies for a long time and understand the value of your Isuzu. We also have buyers chomping at the bit to get it.

Let’s unpack 3 reasons why you should Weelee your Isuzu bakkie today:

#1 High resale value

Bakkies are some of the most in-demand vehicles in South Africa. As top options for farmers, avid outdoor adventurers, and city slickers looking to forget the potholes, bakkies know how to deliver on all fronts. 

And Isuzu is no different. Ranked as the number 3 top-selling bakkie in SA, the Isuzu D-Max has built a serious following in Mzansi – and with good reason. Its muscular looks, efficient and capable engine, robust build and bold styling make it the go-to choice for so many bakkie lovers. 

Isuzu bakkies maintain an excellent resale value

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That’s why getting an accurate, fair and industry-relevant vehicle valuation is so crucial when it comes to selling your bakkie. And this is where Weelee takes selling your Isuzu bakkie to a whole new level:

  • We have a team of diverse, trustworthy buyers to bid on your bakkie
  • You can choose the top bid. (The entire process is free and you are under no obligation to sell)
  • We come to you to conduct a final assessment, pay you instant cash and get the bakkie off your hands in a matter of minutes.

#2 Quick turnaround times

When you need to sell your bakkie, time is of the essence. No one has the energy (or diesel) to be travelling from one dealership to the next in pursuit of the best price.

You need a dependable platform that’s fast, efficient and able to produce the goods. (Hello Weelee!)

  • Upload your Isuzu bakkie on our website at your convenience (be it day or night). It will only take you two minutes
  • Relax in the knowledge that your online experience will be safe and secure (our website uses number plate blurring technology and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your identity).
  • A knowledgeable Weelee consultant will get back to you within an hour or two with a range of top bids from our dealers
  • You choose the top offer and we arrange convenient collection (at whatever location you desire)

Forget the hassle and fuss and emerge with a decent cash price that does justice to the Isuzu brand.

Sell your Isuzu bakkie fast

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#3 Trusted reputation

Sadly, we live in a country with a bad rep when it comes to crime. With shady dealers around every corner and criminals on the lookout for their next swindling, we need to keep our eyes wide open (especially when it comes to large transactions like selling your car or bakkie).

How can you know who to trust?

At Weelee, we give you plenty of reasons why you can depend on us when selling your Isuzu (just like you trust the reputation of the Gqeberha-manufactured Isuzu bakkie):

Sell your bakkie online to a trusted dealer

Weelee wants to pay you more for your Isuzu bakkie

We know the value of a single cab, double cab, extender cab, Arctic Truck or Gen 6 Isuzu bakkie and we are on the lookout for these cars right now! 🧐

Whatever your reason for selling your bakkie, we want the opportunity to give you a fair price.

Upload your vehicle today and sit back while we surprise you with our competitive prices.
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