Keep smiling & drive away in your dream car for around R3 000/month!

Keep smiling & drive away in your dream car for around R3 000/month!

Tough economic times may be the perfect time to sell your car, but when it comes to desperate times and you need to buy a car, we are here to tell you that there’s still something to smile about. Here’s the good news: at Weelee, you can buy a second-hand car for monthly instalments of around R3 000. We’re not kidding. Stick with us, and your next ride – within your budget – is about to become a reality. 

We have an impressive selection of reliable and affordable used vehicles with instalments of around 3K per month. You really can buy a car that gets you where you need to go without breaking the bank and without compromising your daily takeaway cuppa Joe. In fact, at Weelee Centurion, you can even afford to indulge your caffeine fix at our in-house Plato coffee shop.  

Still sceptical? Here are 4 reasons why buying a used car for around R3 000 per month with Weelee is a savvy choice:

#1 It’s all about unbeatable deals

Realistically, how far does R3,000/month get you? Not far, unless you decide to buy a car from Weelee’s inventory of quality pre-owned vehicle deals. How is this possible? We pride ourselves on bringing wholesale prices to the public on top-brand cars to suit most budgets. 

Granted, a zippy, sexy urban runaround vehicle may not take you on a 4×4 adventure. But it will take you wherever you need to get in and around the city limits and even be up to the task for a local weekend away. (But if you are looking to go 4x4ing on a budget, we are happy to oblige).

Buying a used car for around R3 000 per month with Weelee is a savvy choice

#2 It’s all about exceptional service

When it comes to South Africans buying or selling a car, great service makes all the difference. You may have found the perfect ride, but an unprofessional salesperson or unfriendly, incompetent customer service team can make even the best deal go south. 

This is where our Weelee team stands out; online or at our Centurion showroom. But as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating.’ All you have to do is check out our thousands of 5-star reviews on trusted sites like Hellopeter.

Our commitment to you is to make your car-buying experience fast, efficient, safe and simple. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist, offering wholesale prices, fantastic deals and financing options that will satisfy the most cynical of used car buyers. 

#3 It’s all about our sterling reputation 

Dealership transparency and brand reputation are probably the make-it-or-break-it factors when buying a car. When finding a car for monthly instalments around R3 000, peace of mind is a must and that starts with Weelee as your safety net and reliable platform. 

We have hundreds of quality used vehicles all at wholesale prices. Plus, you get full transparency with detailed service histories and comprehensive condition reports before you buy. 

#4 It’s all about choice

Just because ‘needs must’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a choice when buying a car with a limited budget. 

The following vehicle brands and models are getting a lot of search queries and we are happy to offer a wide selection at monthly instalments of around 3K/month. (Availability and pricing correct at time of publishing).

  • The Suzuki Swift is a top contender due to its reliability and excellent fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for daily commutes. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre in city traffic and find parking in crowded areas. Additionally, the Swift is known for its low maintenance costs, ensuring that owners don’t have to worry about frequent repairs. The stylish design and comfortable interior add to its appeal, making it a great value for money. 

Buy a Suzuki Swift at Weelee Centurion.

  • The Volkswagen Polo Vivo remains a South African favourite for its sleek design, solid build quality and excellent resale value. A smooth, comfortable ride, a reputation for durability and a spacious interior that belies its small size are all crucial for those looking to buy a second-hand car. Furthermore, the availability of affordable parts and widespread service centres make ongoing maintenance a breeze.

Great deals at Weelee - used WW Polo Vivo
  • The Kia Picanto is favoured for its modern design and surprisingly roomy interior. Despite its compact size, it offers plenty of features typically found in more expensive cars, such as advanced safety options and a user-friendly infotainment system. The Picanto is also highly fuel-efficient, helping save on petrol costs. Its reliability and low running costs make it an ideal choice for city driving and those looking to keep monthly expenses under control.

Buy a car - Second-hand Kia Picanto at Weelee

So, the problem of where to buy a car in tough economic times is not when, but where. 

Finding a vehicle that allows for manageable monthly instalments – ideally around the R3 000 threshold – is where Weelee Centurion or our online platform become your local go-to destinations. 

Our Weelee guarantee is to keep you smiling as we help you find the used car of your budget dreams.
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