Need a second opinion when selling your car? Give Weelee a try

Always get a second opinion when selling your car

Living in South Africa’s cash-strapped, belt-tightening economic climate means locals are always looking for ways to save a few bucks or take on a side hustle to earn some extra moola. Mzansi residents are swift to peruse the price of shoes, tech gadgets, toys and appliances online before making big purchases. You’ll often find price-savvy shoppers taking a squiz at the promotional pamphlet at the entrance to the grocery store before they launch into the isles to stock their trolleys. And while shopping around is a prerequisite when it comes to groceries and electronics, it should be a no-brainer for getting the best deal when it comes to selling your car.

Let’s face facts: the ‘orange guys’ at We Buy Cars (WBC) are the number one big name that people turn to when they decide to sell their cars. But why would you trust the first option that crops up on your Google Search? You have to get a second opinion!

And this is where Weelee swoops in as the ‘green superhero’ with the best deal when it comes to selling your car.

Let’s unpack why it’s best to be ‘Weelee sure’ when you decide to sell your vehicle:

#1 Weelee gives you multiple offers

We are proud to be the only logical alternative to We Buy Cars in SA because, let’s face it, locals shop around because it’s the smart thing to do.

So even though you’ve already received a quote from the orange opposition, we urge you to exercise some economic wisdom and take just 2 minutes to request an offer from us.

Weelee is not about to leave you hanging with a single offer. We enjoy a bit of healthy competition and Weelee will be quick to give you multiple offers to sweeten the deal.

Weelee gives you multiple offers when selling your car

Within the space of an hour, you’ll be sitting with a number of options on the table.

Don’t walk away with less cash in your pocket by accepting a single offer from the orange first choice. Choose green (like the trophy-hugging Springboks) by posting your car’s details on Weelee. 

#2 Weelee is gaining trust among Mzansi residents

This is not our debut in the car selling game. We’ve been around the block a few times and have become a trusted name amongst price-savvy South Africans.

If you’re starting to believe that this blog is just a pile of marketing bullsh*t, why not turn to HelloPeter and see what locals are really saying about their experience with us.

Weelee has a trusted reputation and a number of positive reviews

With a rating of 4.79/5 from over 2 800 money conscious (and honest) locals and a trust rating of 10/10 on HelloPeter, there’s one more reason to rely on us to give you an obligation-free offer when looking to sell your car for more.

#3 Weelee goes the extra mile

Whether you choose to follow our simple, fast and safe online process when you decide ‘I want to sell my car’ or pop into one of our showrooms to buy a replacement vehicle thanks to our wholesale prices, we guarantee a pleasant and customer-focused experience.

In addition, we promise:

  • The best possible deal when selling your car
  • Friendly, expert advice from our knowledgeable team
  • Instant payment
  • A simple, secure and hassle-free process from upload to offer.

Be ‘Weelee sure’ when selling your car

We wouldn’t expect you to accept a crippling diagnosis from one doctor that would change your life’s trajectory (there’s no doubt you’d require a second opinion). We also know you compare flight prices and insurance quotes. Shouldn’t it be the same when you bid farewell to your trusty wheels?

Contact the proudly #2 team in green and be surprised by the way we try harder to get you extra value.

Don’t wave goodbye to your vehicle with a single offer. Walk away being ‘Weelee sure’ today!
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