‘Sell My Car Online’ – The Proudly South African Option

At Weelee, we are proudly South African! ‘Singabantu baseNingizimu Afrika ngokuqhosha. Ons is trots Suid-Afrikaans. Szingca ngokuba singabemi boMzantsi Afrika.’ No matter what language we say it in, we love South Africa and we are not going anywhere! We are sadly aware, however, that many of you are. The wave of family and friends leaving our shores for ‘greener pastures’ and new opportunities is a reality we cannot ignore. As you consider all the things you have to sell, you are probably thinking, ‘How can I sell my car online?’ 

On the list of life’s most stressful situations – following the death of a loved one, marriage and divorce – is selling your home and relocating. As you navigate the logistics of moving across the world, we are here to help with one of the items on your to-do list – ‘Sell my car online.’ 

Selling your car on Weelee’s online platform is not only easy – it is quick, safe and hassle-free.

Thanks to our hundreds of pre-approved dealers, who are serious about bidding on and buying your used car, you are guaranteed the highest cash price. That might not translate significantly into dollars or pounds, but every cent and penny counts. Plus, you save time as we make sure you get a deal without any negotiations.

This is really good news!

At this point, you should be adjusting your to-do list: ‘Sell my car online … at Weelee.’ 

Whether it is your trusted Bakkie, SUV, sedan, hatchback or minivan – ‘sell my car online’  can be quickly ticked off your list. Our user-friendly site makes the entire process simple and secure. Plus, it’s obligation-free! We are here to significantly lower your stress levels.‘I can sell my car online at Weelee’ should be the new conversation starter whenever people enquire how your emigration plans are progressing!  

A further benefit of selling your car online with Weelee is that you can do so while waiting in endless queues at Home Affairs for the processing of your paperwork. And before you know it, you will be posting a gif to your WhatsApp status with the caption: ‘I have just sold my car online at Weelee!’  If only Home Affairs were as efficient and user-friendly. 

At the end of the day, our fellow South Africans should have the last word. It is our customers who are proud to recommend us and our service. When we asked Kabeer Ismail from Johannesburg for his personal feedback, this is what he had to say: ‘I did sell my car online at Weelee. Amazing and efficient service. I strongly recommend anyone looking to sell their vehicle to register on Weelee.’ 

As you say goodbye to our beautiful country, let us help you say goodbye to your car.  

Weelee offers the best online option for you to sell your car without the stress. Contact us today and cross one more thing off your to-do list. 

We are really sad to see you leave, so we’ll give you a proudly South African send-off…

Go well. Hamba Kahle. Laat dit goedgaan. Hambani kakuhle.’

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