‘Sell my car online?’ – Yes! You won’t regret it!

sell my car online
Life is full of regrets, but selling your car online should definitely not be one of them. We have all heard the bad press about people who have tried to sell their car online, only to walk away with unfortunate consequences and scalding testimonials. So, you may well be wondering, ‘Why on earth would I sell my car online?’ 

We are about to tell you why, so please don’t stop reading!  

Our mission at Weelee is to change negative perceptions and counter the horror stories with positive testimonials of our own. We sent our reporters out onto the streets and into the homes of South Africa to put your question, ‘Why should I sell my car online?’, to customers who had sold their cars online with Weelee.  

This is what they had to say…

When Damon Beeby, our first contact, was asked ‘Why should I sell my car online with Weelee?’, he had the following to say:

‘I sold my car online with Weelee and I was absolutely blown away by their service! I uploaded my car on their website and soon after, I got a call from them. I got the best cash price for my car and I really recommend that you guys do the same.’ 

We then bumped into Fiona Singh, who had this to say in response to, ‘What makes Weelee the best online platform when I need to sell my car online?’ 

‘Weelee’s website is user-friendly and the process so easy to follow. The Weelee staff were friendly and kept in constant contact. My car was sold quickly and the transaction completed efficiently. All in all, it was an amazing experience and a pleasure dealing with such a friendly and efficient team. Weelee exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them and definitely use their services again when I need to sell my car online.’ 

We love adjectives like ‘amazing’, ‘user-friendly’ and ‘efficient’!

We then visited Jonathan Pinnell at his home. When he was asked the question, ‘Why would you recommend Weelee if I need to sell my car online?’ he answered enthusiastically: ‘The process was simple and hassle-free. It was safer and more anonymous than any other previous experience of selling my car online. I would highly recommend Weelee.’ 

Word had obviously got around that we were out and about because, as we were leaving, another satisfied Weelee customer rushed over to us. We asked him about his Weelee ‘sell my car online’ experience and he was effusive in his praise: ‘Guys, ‘ngiyakutshela,’ go for it! You won’t regret it!’  

As we were about to head back, two Weelee customers interrupted us and asked to go on record with their testimonials: 

Weelee was fantastic!’ 

‘Weelee was so warm and helpful. I couldn’t believe it!’ 

Our mission was complete.

We had set out and achieved more than we hoped. But in case you need a little more convincing to choose Weelee as the answer to your question, ‘Who should I used to sell my car online?’, we do have more. 

As an online platform, Weelee is more safe – your personal details will only be disclosed to the bidder whose offer you accept. Potential buyers won’t know your identity, and Weelee’s custom super technology will automatically blur your registration plate when you upload a photo to sell your used car online.  

Thanks to our pre-approved dealers who will bid on your car, you are guaranteed more offers, which means you will make more money from the sale. Our complete hassle-free process ensures you will also have more free time. 

So go ahead and ask your question again: ‘Why on earth should I sell my car online?’ 

The answer is so simple: because with Weelee you will not regret it! There is enough customer proof to back that up. We are also proudly South African. 

Contact us if you are looking to sell your car online and join the ranks of our many satisfied customers who are proud to have been part of the Weelee experience. 



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