Sell My Car: Top 2 Tips

Sell my Car

Is it time to sell your car for cash? Keep these top 2 tips in mind:

#1 Research the second hand car market

You can begin by checking out other cars with profiles similar to yours that are currently in the market. Or, simply upload your car on for an instant evaluation and estimation of its worth.

Remember, used cars for sale as listed on classified websites (such as, and have not been sold yet, so the prices you may find there are not accurate indications of how much your own car is worth.

#2 Estimate the worth of your used car for sale

There are many free online car value estimator tools in South Africa – you can try ours right here on this user-friendly site! The estimation you’ll receive is based on your car’s make, model and year.

Remember, the result you get should only be used as a guideline or an insight. An online tool can’t assess these other aspects that contribute to a used vehicle‘s actual worth:

The age of your vehicle will make the biggest difference to its overall value. The only cars that increase in value after purchasing are vintage and specialty cars. Generally speaking, age will decrease your cars value.

The more mileage on your vehicle, the lower the value. A greater car mileage implies greater potential for wear and tear. The average vehicle travels 14,000kms per year, so if your car has travelled more than this, its value may be lower than the average. Likewise, if you have travelled fewer kilometres, the value may be more.

The overall condition of your vehicle – meaning its exterior, interior and mechanics – plays a major role in determining its market value. The best way to maintain a good one is to update its logbook and book your vehicle regularly for a regular service, as this will prove to potential buyers that it’s been cared for. Of course, the aesthetics of the car are equally important. If the interior is in a poor state from smoking, pets and food stains, the vehicle’s value will decrease. Likewise, dents, scratches and rusting on the exterior generally decrease the value as well.

Built-in technology and add-ons such as GPS, bull bars and heated seats should all be considered when assessing the value of your car – especially if they weren’t offered as part the standard model.

Overall, a small amount of research has a really great pay-off in the end! If you use the tips above as a starting point, your secondhand car selling experience will be a smooth ride! You can also try our car valuation tool to get an idea of how much our pre-approved buyers would pay for your vehicle? Get an online estimate here.

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