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You may hate watching TV commercials that interrupt your favourite series, but if you have seen the Mazda CX3 advert, then we know exactly what you are thinking. ‘I want that car!’ We also know what your next thought is likely to be: ‘Perhaps I should sell my car.’ Makes sense – you would need to sell the one to get the other. Let us interrupt your thinking and day-dreaming by suggesting you zoom over to Weelee, the best online platform to sell your car.

Of course, the voice of reason is bound to make an appearance. (It is irritating like that). Reason will whisper that you don’t actually need a new car, the one you have is just fine. So the reasonable thing to do at this point is to check the specs. You pore over the brochures of all smaller SUVs and the evidence is too convincing to ignore. Your thoughts? ‘I need to sell my car.’

So, having done your homework, you decide to go and test drive the Mazda CX3, Ford Ecosport, Peugeot 3008, Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Kona and Renault Captur. (You are nothing if you are not thorough!)

And yes, we know exactly what is going through your head: ‘I have to sell my car!’

Now you have a dilemma.

The car salesman has a demo model, in red, which is actually a really good deal. You just need to sell your used car for the best price so you can put down a decent deposit. But a trade-in is going to leave you short-changed. You start wondering, ‘Where can I sell my car for the best price? This is where Weelee rides in to save the day.

At Weelee, we guarantee the best price and the quickest time for you to sell your car.

And the best thing – you are in control of the price you get. We know what you are thinking: ‘Is it even possible to sell my car on an online platform and get the best price?’ The answer is ‘Yes!’ Because this is where Weelee has the edge.

At Weelee, we have pre-approved and reputable dealers at the ready. Once you have uploaded your car online, the dealers bid for your car and you get to decide which bid you want to accept. If you are not happy with a bid, you don’t have to accept it and can wait for a higher bid. You are in control. And if at the end of the day you decide, ‘I don’t want to sell my car anymore,’ well then, you just remove it from Weelee’s online platform. It’s as simple as that!

Whatever you decide, and whenever you decide, selling your car online with Weelee is tried and tested, safe and hassle-free. Zoom Zoom over to Weelee today to find out more.

And if you do happen to take to the road in a soul red metallic Mazda CX3, you can say to the sceptics out there, ‘I actually did sell my car the Weelee way!’

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