Top Car Deals at Weelee’s NEW Megastore In Midstream

top car deals in midstream

Weelee has made mega moves for your car buying and selling Pleasure. Our customers’ unwavering support and confidence in us have propelled us to new heights and we cannot wait to share the excitement with you!  

The new Megastore is situated in a convenient location for people all around Gauteng to access the N1 easily. Whether you’re passing by or coming to buy, there is an open invitation for anyone to go and browse a new set of wheels. The Megastore is packed with cars and a great buying experience

While you browse our selection of over 800 used cars for sale at the Megastore in Midstream, Centurion, why not grab a cup of Plato Coffee and something light to eat to make your car-buying experience even more enjoyable? 

Mega wholesale car deals in Centurion

Our Mega Move has resulted in a massive moving sale. You know what that means? We’re celebrating this momentous occasion with a bang, which means mega savings and mega deals like never before!

In honour of our Mega Move, we’re offering an incredible R100,000 in cashback on selected cars, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. If there ever was a perfect time to buy a car, it’s right now.

Car deals in Centurion

Trading in

We’ve got you covered! When you bring in your old car, you’ll experience the convenience of receiving an offer in minutes. This not only saves you valuable time but also provides you with a wide array of top deals to choose from when purchasing a new car. 

You really don’t want to miss out on the incredible deals and thrilling competitions at our new Megastore. It’s the best place to buy cars in Centurion – Now is your chance to seize the opportunity and drive away with not only a quality car but also a pocket full of cash. Head over to the Weelee Megastore today and experience the thrill of finding your dream car while having a shot at winning amazing prizes. 

Visit our Megastore for car deals in Midstream, Centurion or conveniently start the process online –  and make your car dreams a reality. We look forward to welcoming you and celebrating this exciting journey with us.
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