Let’s Get Excited | Preloved Nissans For Sale in South Africa

Preloved Nissans for sale in South Africa


Outside the obvious reliability, durability and affordability check boxes that Nissan vehicles are known for, their current slogan – ‘innovation that excites’ – has many South Africans wanting to join the ranks of Nissan owners. 

Word-of-mouth testimonials include its competence in handling South Africa’s terrain, good fuel consumption and excellent safety records. This is why ‘preloved Nissan for sale’ is a popular search term and why Nissan vehicles are topping the second-hand vehicle charts as cars of choice for a broad and diverse sector of Mzansi drivers. 

From the tiny and oh-so-cute Micra and the ever-popular Almera to the family-friendly Magnite, the crossover Qashqai, the practical and versatile NP200, the heavy-duty Navara, the adventurous Patrol, and the eco-conscious Leaf, Nissan has hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, Bakkies, 4x4s and electric cars covered. 

Here’s the lowdown on why a preloved Nissan for sale should be on your car-buying radar:

Good Looks  

With its sleek and bold aero designs, sculpted curves and iconic V-motion grille, Nissan has nailed the exterior of its vehicles. Ergonomic interiors – with intuitive technology and driver-centric features – successfully pair innovation with functionality. 

Good Bones

Nissan has been redefining reliability since its inception in 1911. And when it comes to engine dependability, Nissan stands tall, ready to withstand daily wear and tear. Our preloved Nissans for sale are carefully inspected and certified and a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to reliability. 

Good Prices

Affordability – without compromising on style or quality – has always been a marker of Nissan’s sales philosophy. Opting for a preloved Nissan is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a vehicle that is a smart financial decision. Add its economical fuel consumption stats into the mix, and you definitely have a winner. 

Good Technology

Elevate your driving experience with Nissan’s brain-to-vehicle cutting-edge technology; cars that boast advanced features that align with the demands of modern living. From intuitive infotainment systems to proactive safety enhancements, these vehicles are a testament to Nissan’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

‘You can with Nissan’ and you can with Weelee

At Weelee online – or at our Midstream flagship Megastore – we’re excited to present a curated and prestigious collection of second-hand Nissans that redefine the way you experience driving. 

Join the movement towards sustainability by choosing a preloved Nissan at Weelee. With their proven longevity, they are contributing to a reduced environmental impact. By choosing to drive a second-hand Nissan you are making a  statement of eco-conscious consumerism and responsible living.

Visit our showroom or explore our online inventory today to choose your perfect preloved Nissan.

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