South Africans’ favourite ride | Preloved Kia Picanto for sale 

Preloved Kia Picanto for sale

It’s cute and zesty, exciting and dependable, and its crossover appeal makes the Kia Picanto one for the books; especially when buying a second-hand car that promises easy handling and low running costs. 

Whether you’re looking to ‘colour your city’ or ‘make the urban jungle your playground,’ the Kia Picanto is the ultimate compact hatchback for second-hand car buyers in South Africa. It just makes sense. 

Here’s why a used Kia Picanto for sale stands out for those looking for a small car that packs a big punch:

Unmatched reliability 

From bustling city streets to scenic countryside drives, the Kia Picanto is renowned for its reliability. It delivers consistent performance and is built to endure South Africa’s diverse terrain and climates.

Efficiency redefined

Say goodbye to frequent fuel stops. The Kia Picanto is known for exceptional fuel efficiency, making it a practical and economical choice for daily commuting and long-distance travel. (Its 1-litre engine boasts stats of around 5.0 l/100 km).

Preloved Kia Picanto for sale

Compact yet spacious 

Don’t let its size fool you. Inside, the Kia Picanto offers surprising spaciousness, comfortable seating for smaller, younger families and ample boot space for luggage, groceries or prams; a true testament to smart design. (With the seats folded down, the 255-litre boot can be expanded to a whopping 1010 litres!).

Modern comforts 

Equipped with standard features like touchscreen infotainment systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced safety technologies, the Kia Picanto ensures a connected and secure driving experience.

Easy on the wallet 

Affordability meets value when buying a second-hand Kia Picanto. In fact, our Weelee Megastore showroom and online deals bring you Kia Picantos for sale at monthly instalments of around R3000/month. That means buying a Picanto is a smart financial move that doesn’t compromise on quality.

All in small’ and all in at Weelee

Since 2004, the Kia Picanto has been a hit with South Africans. Its iconic blend of style, reliability and affordability makes it more than just a car; it’s a trusted companion for every journey.

Join the countless South Africans who have made the Kia Picanto their go-to choice. Explore our selection of certified pre-owned Kia Picanto options for sale and discover why it remains a firm Mzansi favourite. 

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