Safety first when buying or selling your car with Weelee

Looking for a safe way to sell or buy a car? Weelee is your one-stop solution. 

The prevalence of online scams and dodgy dealers make buying or selling a used car a daunting undertaking. Fear not! Weelee’s trusted reputation in the online car sales industry assures our customers of their safety during all car-related processes.

Weelee uses number plate blurring technology & 256 bit SSL encryption to protect your identity when selling your car, ensuring your privacy and safety. Plus, our easy, hassle-free online selling process gives you peace of mind.

Those looking to buy a car will receive detailed condition reports and a transparent, customer-focused experience at one of our secure showrooms in Sandton or Kempton Park.

If an auction is the buying method for you, Weelee ensures that you can make an informed, considered decision with accurate information provided to you when buying a car through our online auctions. Interested buyers can view cars at a secure location before closing the deal.

Safety is our top priority at Weelee with an experienced team, safe website & efficient turnaround times.

View our range of cars online or visit our showrooms to experience the Weelee safety for yourself.

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