How To Sell My Car In Cape Town

Hey Cape Town! Weelee wants your car!  Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I choose Weelee over other online car platforms?” The answer is simple. We understand that selling your car can be stressful and Weelee takes the worry right out of selling your car online.

Our easy-go-lucky approach

Selling your car is as easy as a day at the beach. With our user-friendly website, you can upload your vehicle’s details and photos from anywhere – while catching a nibble from your favourite vegan restaurant, soaking up the sun rays on the beach, or while visiting the latest art exhibition. It’s that simple.

Secure and private

There is no need to be worried about online security and privacy. Weelee employs 128-bit SSL encryption technology to keep your information safe and your number plates blurred. Your details are disclosed only to your chosen buyer.

Trusted bidders and buyers

Your car won’t be accessible to scammers or random buyers. We’ve pre-approved thousands of trustworthy car dealers who are ready to bid for your car.

Get the best deal

At Weelee, we stand by our slogan: “Weelee – the way selling should be.” Here’s how it works: your car goes live on our platform, and pre-approved dealers start bidding over a 24-hour period. As they compete, the price goes higher, ensuring you get the best deal.

Weelee It

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what the rest of South Africa has to say about us. They highly recommend our revolutionary approach to selling cars online.

The Next Step

Ready to sell? Visit our website and discover what the fuss is all about. Fill out our online application now, and let’s start finding the best deal for you today. Trust Weelee for a seamless and rewarding selling experience.

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