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In search of a safe, reliable, efficient and trusted place to sell your car? Weelee gets a 10 out of 10 trust index score on Hellopeter alongside a 4.79 rating.

In a tight economic climate with a myriad of options for selling your car (whether it be online or at a dealership), it’s often difficult to know who you can trust to get the best price, most customer-centric service and secure process

Platforms like Hellopeter are brilliant go-to places to evaluate a company’s reputation. Packed with honest appraisals and a clearly-defined rating system, you can simply take a quick glance at Hellopeter to get a good idea of the ‘word on the street’. 

What are Mzansi locals saying about Weelee?
#1 Service is first-rate

Weelee staff go out of their way to answer your questions, follow up on your progress and ensure that all your questions have been answered. 

They’ve been in the game of selling used cars for some time now and know all about how to ensure their customers are satisfied. With expert advice around the car selling process and speedy response times, locals have celebrated the Weelee service team for their helpfulness when it comes to selling their vehicles.

#2 Sales are speedy

We live in a fast-paced world where time equals money. Most South Africans don’t have the time to drive around to dealerships trying to get a good price for their used cars.

Whether you’re in a rush to sell your car or just need a quick vehicle valuation, the Weelee team has got you covered. 

Simply upload your vehicle online in less than 2 minutes and sit back and relax while the offers stream in over a 24-hour period.

Select your top bidder and they’ll come to you, at your convenience, to conduct an inspection and give you instant cash when you agree to sell your car. 

No waiting around at dealerships, no fuss.

#3 Process is hassle-free

The decision to sell your car online in 2023 is a no-brainer. It saves you time, stress and petrol. 

Local reviewers tell the story that Weelee is the best place to organise a worry-free car sale. Simply upload your vehicle on their secure website in a matter of minutes and wait for the offers to hit your inbox. Plus, our winning bidder will come to you to give you instant cash. 

#4 Prices are competitive

Need a decent cash price when selling your car? Previous sellers review Weelee to be a trusted place to get a good deal. 

Many remark that they end up getting more cash than they were quoted at a dealership or when trying to sell their car on an alternative online platform. 

Simply upload your vehicle on our website today and sell your car the Weelee way!


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