Trendy Cars Under 100K


Trendy cars under 100K

Owning a fashionable and practical vehicle doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Weelee specialises in offering a great selection of trendy cars under 100K that combine sleek design, modern features, and budget-friendly pricing. 

Explore the top picks from our inventory, highlighting the best options for those seeking a chic and affordable ride. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a budget-conscious commuter, or simply looking to upgrade your wheels without breaking the bank, Weelee has you covered.

Going Preloved

Wholesale Prices to the Public: Weelee offers the advantage of wholesale prices, allowing buyers to access trendy cars under 100K. (That’s what we call a great deal!).

Extensive Selection: With many trendy cars under 100K to choose from, Weelee provides diverse options, ensuring that buyers can find a vehicle that matches their preferences,  needs and wants. 

Flexible FinancingOptions: Weelee understands the varied financial needs of buyers and provides finance options, making it easier for individuals to own their desired preloved car.

Independent Condition Reports: Every car for sale on Weelee comes with an independent condition report, offering buyers insights into the vehicle’s overall condition and promising transparency in the buying process.

Transparency and Service History: Weelee prioritises transparency by providing detailed service histories for all vehicles. Buyers can make informed decisions based on the maintenance records available.

Negotiable Prices: Recognising the importance of flexibility, Weelee allows for negotiable prices, allowing buyers to secure a better deal on their chosen preloved car.

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Unlock the door to your ideal preloved car at Weelee today!  With independent condition reports, transparent service histories, and negotiable prices, Weelee is committed to offering you fantastic deals and a seamless buying experience. 

Head to Weelee now for your next ride with cars priced under R100k!

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