A guy’s best friend – Which bakkie should you choose?

A bakkie is a guy's best friend

It would be really interesting to commission a survey to determine the number of South Africans who have a bakkie on their automotive wishlist. Granted, it’s probably a ‘guy thing’ (that does not however discount the growing number of women who have fallen in love with bakkies), but there is undoubtedly something ruggedly special about the idea of selling your car in favour of owning a bakkie. And as a trusted workhorse and adventure vehicle, it definitely stirs up the testosterone. 

If you are in the market for a bakkie, it’s not going to take a lot to convince you to sell your car and join the fan club. These strong, reliable and practical vehicles deliver on all their promises and if purchased and used for transporting large loads, hauling trailers and conquering the outdoors, you will always get your money’s worth out of them. 

But there is also no denying the thrill of driving a vehicle with real presence on the road and off it!

Of course, buying a bakkie is not a simple ride; besides a long list of brand and model offerings, there are three variants to choose from: single cabs, double cabs or extended cabs. 

Which bakkie should you buy - single, double or extended cab?

We are here to break down the basic differences so you can make an informed choice

And once you’ve decided on the perfect ‘cab’, the next step is obvious; simply pop over to Weelee to sell your car. Our multiple offers from verified dealers will get you the best price so you can source the bakkie of your dreams and actually start driving one. 

#1 Single Cab bakkies – the quintessential ‘workhorse’

Single cabs look good, but it is the fact that they work really hard that gets them the thumbs up. Their ideal fit is the farmer, construction worker, property developer, plumber, electrician and, of course, the outdoor enthusiast or off-road adventurer. (We do not, however, want to discount smaller 2×4 single cabs – or ‘mini bakkies –  that are nifty little runarounds). 

A single cab bakkie’s main selling point is its long load bin space offering premium load capacity. From hay, chickens and sheep to camping gear, mountain bikes and machinery, their versatility is unmatched. And when you add its hauling capability into the mix, you have an absolute winner. 

Sell your car for a single cab bakkie - the trusted workhorse

Single cabs do not promise to top the charts when it comes to comfort and luxury and the cabin only has 2 seats, but for delivering the basics very well and getting the job done, they are star performers. 

#2 Double cab bakkies – the ideal ‘all-rounder’

Double cab bakkies are most loved by South Africans. And when ‘Boer soek ‘n vrou’ actually finds a wife (and children enter the mix), he may want to sell his single cab bakkie and buy a double cab. Not generally marketed as a family car, they definitely fit the hybrid brief of country workhorse and urban leisure vehicle. As an everyday solution, you really can’t go wrong with the versatility of a double cab.

The rugged versatility of double cab bakkies

Besides a slight compromise on load bin space, the upselling reasons to sell your car and buy a double cab are plentiful:

  • Spacious cabin with an extra row of seats to transport passengers safely and comfortably
  • Luxury features include leather seats, cruise control, reverse camera, top-of-the-range technology 
  • Sufficient load bin capacity
  • Equally reliable on rougher terrain and on urban roads (in Gauteng these are often considered one and the same!) 😉
  • Superb hauling abilities (so boats, caravans or camping gear can still go along for the family weekend away and farmers can still haul machinery) 
  • Ample safety features

Embrace the versatility of a double cab bakkie

#3 Extended Cab bakkies – the ‘let’s get extra’ option

Also known as a super cab, Xtra cab, cab-and-a-half or king cab, the extended cab bakkie is the ‘piggy in the middle’ variant; slotting in between double cabs and single cabs. (An extended cab is a 4-door bakkie with two traditional full-sized doors and two smaller-sized rear doors that open backwards).

So, why would you sell your car to buy one?

What makes these options highly desirable is that little bit extra; viz, the lidded storage boxes featured behind the 2 front seats in the cabin for sizeable equipment. Although the load bin capacity is slightly compromised, it is hardly worth mentioning as a negative. 

Extended cabs will never fully fit the purpose of a family vehicle so cannot really be considered the best of both worlds, but for the purposes of load capacity + storage versatility, these bakkies are worth a second look. They offer secure storage space within the cabin (for luggage, sports equipment and ‘padkos’) that a single cab and double cab do not.

Sell your car for an extended cab bakkie.

Editorial credit: Eldred du Preez / Shutterstock.com

Although extended cabs can come fitted with two ‘jump seats,’ a full bench or a fold-up seat behind the driver’s seat, legally these vehicles are only allowed to transport two people. 

As company vehicles for farmers, construction workers etc, South Africans are entitled to a tax rebate or can claim VAT on single cabs and extended cabs. 

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