Most popular second-hand cars & Bakkies in South Africa

Most popular Used Cars & Bakkies in Sa

The conversation, however, extends beyond just selling second-hand cars and Bakkies; it impacts what vehicle you choose to buy. Pragmatism says you need to go with your head and not your heart to ensure that your vehicle will hold its value and get you the best price when it comes to reselling it in the used car market down the line. 

What cars or Bakkies do South Africans want when buying second-hand?

Search trends and online enquiries are instructive when analysing and interpreting consumer behaviour across the used car landscape. 

This is what the data tells us:

#1 Good Value

When the going gets tough, South Africans get practical – whether that is selling a second-hand car or Bakkie or purchasing one. This is not about getting a bargain; it is about buying a used vehicle that offers good value and is economical. (The ever-rising petrol and diesel costs are reason enough). Challenging economic times have us all realigning our budget – and our expectations – to buy smart. 

Popular second-hand cars & bakkies in SA

When considering the used car market, this has translated into the most searches covering 2016-2019 vehicles with a mileage reading that is less than 70 000 km (the most popular being between 10 000km and 50 000 km) and a price range of between R200 000 and R300 00. This is closely followed by second-hand vehicles in the R150 000 to R200 000 price range. 

#2 Colours

Even though Henry Ford realised that black paint dried the fastest – which helped to increase the mass-production of the Model – in the hotter South African climate, lighter colours are more popular.  White – which doesn’t show scratches like darker colours and is the easiest to repair – takes the lead as the all-time favourite, followed by silver in second place and blue in third position. 

These three colours are the easiest to resell and therefore are the most popular new car colours as well.  So no matter how much you may be in love with jungle green or metallic yellow, it may be worth it, in the longer term, to consider other pragmatic factors. 

Most popular new & used car colours

#3 Makes & Models

There are many makes, models and variants that retain their value and remain popular on the used car market. 

But topping the current list for second-hand Bakkies are the:

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Ranger
  • Isuzu KB
  • Nissan NP200

The following smaller used vehicles are ranking as the top 5:  

  • VW Polo 
  • VW Golf
  • VW Polo Vivo
  • Datsun Go
  • Ford Ecosport

As far as second-hand luxury brands go, these are the most popular:

  • BMW 3-series
  • Mercedes Benz C-class
  • BMW 1-series
  • Audi RS3 2.5

Clearly, many factors play a role in determining these statistics; it is not an exact science. But if you happen to own one of these popular used cars or Bakkies, now might be the right time to sell it – to either upsize or downsize – and score a great cash deal. 

Before you can sell a second-hand car, you must have bought a car or Bakkie – so buy wisely to ensure a better cash price when it comes to selling yours. 

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