Back to Basics: What are the Bare Essentials Required to Sell Your Car?

In the midst of a global pandemic and national lockdown, much of the circulating talk is revolving around ‘essential’ things: essentials supplies, essential services, and essential ways of living. We’re going back to basics and the simple bare necessities. While everyone is considering the essentials, perhaps you’re wondering what basic essentials are needed in order to sell your car? Fortunately, Weelee has been keeping it simple before it became a worldwide necessity.

Here’s all you need to sell your car through Weelee. Some may call this a minimalist approach. We simply call it “quick, easy, and hassle-free.”

Start the process with basic digital access

All you need to sell your car is your most-used device and the link to our website. Stay at home and say goodbye to your wheels. From your kitchen counter, eat your banana bread (if you’ve been joining that social media trend of making banana bread during lockdown!), click the link (while in a zoom meeting) and you’re already on your way to selling your car online – right from where you are.

Sell your car with basic details

Once you’re on the website, upload your details in one simple step. All that is required are the most basic details about your car (year, make, model, mileage, and tyre condition), along with a few photos of your car (learn how to take the best photos and get your car ready to be sold). And always make sure that you give full disclosure and are honest about your car’s condition – the more transparent you are, the better for you!

Say goodbye to your car with minimal spare time

Once your car has been registered and approved, it will go live online for 100s of Weelee’s pre-approved and trustworthy car dealers to view. Their offers will start coming in and your car price will go higher and higher. Choose your preferred buyer while you make more banana bread! It’s that quick and simple.

There it is – all you require to sell your car online are basic digital access, basic details, and some spare time.

So what are the essentials that we bring to the table?

1. A hassle-free, secure website

2. 100s of pre-approved buyers ready to bid for your car

3. The best cash price

Our business is unique – we’re all about making YOU more money.

Keep it simple. Keep it basic. Sell your car with Weelee.

Weelee is South Africa’s fastest-growing online car sales platform. With our safe and secure website, our trustworthy buyers, and the promise to get the best price, you’re in the best hands to sell your car – free of charge, with no obligations. You’re in control!

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