Weelee’s Top Dream Cars for 2020

If armchair travel can take you to faraway places without you leaving home, then we believe you can take a trip in your dream car – just by fantasizing about it. So join us for a wild ride, because Weelee is going all ‘Top Gear!’ After all, dreams cost nothing – they are absolutely free – much like Weelee’s entire online service. 

We all have a dream car. For some, it may be a classy coupe; for others, it may be a performance SUV, or simply an old school roadster. Whatever your car dreams are made of, Weelee is here to entertain them – from your armchair. 

Dream SUV’s

There is probably a time in everyone’s life where the family SUV will make a seasonal appearance. So why not dream big? 

The 2020 Porsche Cayenne is one of the few SUVs that can rival a high-performance sports car in power and acceleration. ‘This all-new, third-generation car is the fastest and lightest of the lot, which says something about the amount of engineering effort they’ve heaped into it.’ [Top Gear car reviews]. 

If you cannot get your head around a Porche SUV, then perhaps you are dreaming of the really hot Range Rover SPORT, which combines luxuriousness and sportiness. Or perhaps your dreams are made up of a Jaguar F-pace? Jaguar’s Design Director, Ian Callum, explains it this way: ‘I told the team, don’t take the attributes of a crossover and wrap a Jaguar around them. No, start with a Jaguar and put crossover attributes onto that.’ 

There you go – Weelee has your dream SUV’s all sorted, and it didn’t cost you a cent! 

Dream Hot Hatches

If you are looking for high-performance sportiness and a gripping ride wrapped in a smaller package, then you are probably a hot hatch dreamer. 

These dreams are likely to be all about brand loyalty. First, there’s the Mercedes A45S AMG with its 2 rev-counters and list of superlatives (some of you are drooling). Second, there’s the sensational Renault Megane RS, which Chris Harris has called a ‘little rally car.’ Third, the Audi RS3 – there’s no denying it is a looker and can go from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds without skipping a beat. Fourth, the wildcard: the Hyundai i30 N, making an unexpected statement on the road. (Some say it is even better than the legendary Golf GTI.)

So, which of our Weelee hot hatch dream cars gets your adrenaline going? 

Dream Eco-Cars

But what about those of you who dream about cars and a sustainable future? At Weelee we salute you – whether you’re a purist or have a hybrid imagination. Let’s start with the stylish ‘self-charging’ hybrid, Lexus 250h, which we are sure you are itching to test drive. If BMW speaks your love language, then it has to be the i8 hybrid sports car which accelerates faster than you can blink, guilt-free – well, almost. 

But for the serious planet savers out there, we are filling your imagination with the seriously good-looking 100 % electric Jaguar I-Pace (with 2 concentric electric motors) and the more affordable Nissan Leaf e+ for dependable electric transport. 

Our Weelee team always supports those who are dreaming of a better future. 

Dream Sports Cars

Sports cars are definitely the stuff car dreams are made of! So we’ve read your mind, and we think you’ll agree – these cars speak for themselves and their reputations precede them: The Aston Martin Vanquish, the Mclaren 720S and the Porsche 911 Turbo.

For those of you who like the wind in your hair, we give you the irrepressible  Audi R8 Spyder, the classic Jaguar e-type convertible and the bold and beautiful Ferrari 488 Spider.

Remember this, folks, it’s not about money – so Weelee is giving you permission to let your imagination run wild.

Dream Weelee

At Weelee, we love to make dreams come true. The reality is we cannot get you your dream car, but if your dream is to sell your car, then we can certainly make that a reality. We can also guarantee that you will get more cash for it than you imagined. 

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