Bills are piling up – I need to sell my car

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Despite the rapid fuel hikes, spiralling unemployment, rising personal debt and increasing day-to-day living costs which make flourishing in the current South African economic climate particularly difficult, our online platform offers a timely solution to some of your money woes. When the fuel gauge is low and your bank balance is headed for the red, it’s best to say, ‘I need to sell my car’, and get a much-needed financial breather.

At Weelee, we are all about getting you the best price for your wheels and giving you a reason to smile this festive season. We list 3 reasons to sell your car ‘Ke Dezemba

#1 ‘The cost of living is exorbitant’

Local and global economic dynamics may be outside of our control; leaving a bleak financial outlook for a large proportion of the Mzansi population.  

According to Bloomberg (a global leader in business, financial data and news), “The country’s economy remains stuck in its longest downward phase since World War II and hasn’t grown by more than 3% annually since 2012.”

But we are here to banish a ‘Scrooge’ mentality and rather tap into a little South African positivity (aka ‘Weeleeing it’). 

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Making the hard decision to sell your car becomes a little bit easier when you have our team by your side and multiple offers from our certified buyers getting you the best deal. 

Cutting the costs of monthly car repayments, insurance debit orders and service and repair bills could give you a more positive financial outlook for 2023 and alleviate any potential ‘Januworry.’ (And as things pick up, perhaps you can look to buy a more affordable set of wheels when your financial situation improves).

By securing you the best price for your wheels, you can trust Weelee to help lift your spirits from an otherwise gloomy situation.

#2 ‘Debtors are on my back’

If your credit card has reached its limit before the festive season has even begun and if you can no longer bear to look at the bills that are piling up, you are not alone. 

The average debt to income ratio in South Africa sits at 67% – a shocking statistic seeing as a healthy debt-to-income ratio is below 36%. 

But we are not here to indulge a national pity party. To borrow a little Afrikaans wisdom, “‘n Boer maak ‘n plan,” and in situations like these, Weelee is just that plan!  

When you’re in the middle of a financial pickle, sometimes the best solution is to cut the debt-incurring aspects in your life by adding ‘I need to sell my car’ to the top of your actionable to-do list. Whether it’s saying goodbye to the Range Rover or Toyota Hilux for a more run-of-the-mill Suzuki Swift to get you from A to B, or selling your entry-level VW Polo in favour of public transport.

Getting the top price for your wheels is what Weelee is all about. (Suddenly the holiday season is more about carol singers ringing your doorbell and less about any debt collectors rocking up on your doorstep). 

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#3 ‘I need to sell up to support my family’

‘It takes a village to raise a child’, whether that be in terms of financial input or imparting wisdom from the wider community. The South African Ubuntu ethos – which makes us such a wonderfully caring nation – means that when family members have lost jobs, are unable to pay monthly bills or keep up their standard of living, others with the financial means will be motivated to step in and help. 

This may well mean saying, ‘I need to sell my carand Weelee is proud to be part of this ‘village’ and assist in the solution of supporting your broader family and the community.  

Cutting back to live a less-cluttered lifestyle is always good for the soul, focusing your attention on the people that matter most in your life. And with the help of Weelee, you can spread the love and joy that has come to be associated with the festive period.

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Let Weelee help you forget the stress this holiday season

While Christmas may mean lavish meals, expensive holidays and rolling debt for some, this Christmas could be your opportunity to get yourself into a healthy financial position by putting the green ribbon on the ‘sell my car’ box with Weelee.

We are here to help you rest easy this festive season; forgetting the financial worries that your old car cost you. 

Our fast, safe and hassle-free online platform will ensure you get the best price for your car.

Have a prosperous New Year by selling your car with Weelee today!
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