Should you sell your manual car for an automatic?

Sell your manual car for an automatic
There are fewer topics more likely to get a debate raging than driving preferences. “Are women better drivers than men?”, “Is Hamilton a better driver than Schumacher?” and “Are self-driving cars the future?” are just a few to get tongues wagging! In our book, cars are infinitely more fun to talk about than politics and sport – and so they should be.

At Weelee, we love to wade into a good-old car debate, by outlining the pros and cons of different driving preferences and characteristics. We rev up the question of, should you ditch the clutch and sell your manual car in favour of an automatic vehicle? 

We’re going to park in Neutral, as there are merits and pitfalls to both. But should you be looking to sell your car and are considering a transmission alternative, here are the pros and cons of switching to automatic. 

Advantages of driving an Automatic Car

At the outset, we can come up with 5 pros of an automatic vehicle: (You know how much Weelee is partial to the number 5).

  1. It is smoother to drive in stop-and-go traffic.
  2. Offers better control in congested or hilly areas
  3. Automatic cars feature more gears than manual. 
  4. A higher resale value when you need to sell your car
  5. In the absence of the clutch, you are less likely to stall 

Advantages of an automatic car

If you prefer to set the gear to D and take the guesswork out of driving, an automatic car does all the hard work for you while you focus on the steering wheel. 

Likewise, if you frequently commute in high-traffic urban areas, an automatic transmission will give you a much smoother ride around congested traffic than its manual counterpart. And In terms of resale value, when you need to sell your car in order to upsize, the used car market definitely sways in favour of well-maintained automatics.

Always keep in mind though, the other drivers who might be sharing the driving with you. If you are both growing tired and weary of stop-start city traffic, the decision to sell your manual car for an automatic might be the best driving decision you wish you had made years ago! 

Disadvantages of driving an Automatic Car

Elon Musk may disagree, but there is no perfect car out there and when it comes to automatics, there are a couple of cons worth mentioning. (Well actually, we have highlighted 5):

  1. Generally more expensive than its manual equivalent 
  2. Less fuel-efficient than a manual transmission.
  3. More expensive to maintain and repair
  4. Less engaging for the avid driver
  5. Slower acceleration when putting the foot on the gas

Disadvantages of an automatic car

There are more manual purists than ardent automatics out there when it comes to individual choice. While there is no debate that driving an automatic vehicle is smoother and easier, there is definitely some torque lost on the faster tracks and highways of SA. The conversion components built into an automatic gearbox also result in a higher purchase price and pricier maintenance repair bills. 

If your need for speed requires maximum control of the stick shift and pedals, an automatic car won’t be as much fun as its manual counterpart. And while automatic cars are traditionally viewed to be less efficient than manual vehicles, innovation in automatics has ensured that the gap is quickly closing and parity is close to the norm. 

To shift or not to shift to automatic? Let Weelee get you there

At Weelee, we believe there is no outright winner in this debate. The choice between driving a manual car or an automatic should firstly boil down to your driving preference, followed by budget and convenience. 

Whether you are looking to sell your manual car for an automatic, or sticking to manual and looking to upgrade, set it to P and park it with Weelee. We offer an unrivalled platform to list your used vehicle to serious buyers in order to get you the best cash price. 

Get into the right gear when selling your manual or automatic car by ‘Weeleeing it.’
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