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Americans call it a pick-up truck, Australians refer to it as a ute (/juːt/ yoot), and in South Africa, we call it a ‘bakkie.’ From Amaroks, Hiluxes, Rangers and Dmaxes to the smaller NP200s and Corsas, our fondness for these robust utility vehicles is unmatched. On-road or offroad, from farm to city, the beloved bakkie is part of South Africa’s iconic car culture. So, when it comes time to part with your adventure buddy on wheels, don’t just sell your bakkie, Weelee it!

Due to COVID-19 and its unprecedented effects on the economy, 2020 saw a decline in new motor sales. The used car market, however, saw a welcome boom, with bakkies ranking high on the list as one of the most popular second-hand cars for sale. 

The trend is not surprising. Bakkies are tough, versatile, dependable, practical, durable and ruggedly good looking – making them the trusted wheels of choice for farmers, contractors, off-road adventurers and city dwellers.

That is why selling your second-hand bakkie deserves the red carpet treatment which is what it will get when you Weelee it. 

Why farmers love bakkies

A bakkie is a solid, no-nonsense workhorse for farmers, rising to the daily challenges and demands of farm life. We’re talking loading, hauling, towing and transporting (chicken, sheep, eggs and ‘melktert’). With their suspension and torque, they are designed and built to perform and perfectly adapt to the agricultural environment. 

So we completely understand why a farmer would struggle to sell his bakkie, preferring to keep it in his barn for spare parts or passing it down to ‘Junior.’ 

Why contractors love bakkies

The construction industry relies on bakkies as they offer versatility and convenience (for cement, lintels, windows, rubble removal and so much more). Every builder, electrician and plumber needs one. 

Rock up to a building site and the collection of bakkies is impressive. Those in the building industry talk and the word on the street is that when you are looking to sell your bakkie, you are guaranteed the best cash price on Weelee’s innovative online platform – thanks to the 1000s of pre-approved and reputable dealers who are waiting to bid on your bakkie. 

Why urbanites love bakkies

The evolution of the bakkie into the city was a no-brainer. With the introduction of double-cabs, the appeal of the bakkie grew – making it a family-friendly option. 

As the customer base broadened, more comfortable suspensions and luxury features were introduced – easily accommodating your average-sized family –  dad+mom+2.2 children. Bakkies have also made family camping or glamping trips to the bush an affordable holiday solution. This has meant that the used car market of buyers has significantly expanded when looking to sell your bakkie. 

Why ‘4x4ers’ love bakkies

This category is where the rubber hits the road…or the dirt – literally. Bakkies truly come into their own when serving the 4×4 market and those with an adventurous spirit, (or perhaps just to navigate our numerous potholed roads?). Their remarkable off-road terrain ability, adequate ground clearance, approach and departure angles, low range gearbox availability and off-road driving modes and diffs make it the ideal adventure vehicle. No wonder there is a second-hand car market waiting for you to sell your bakkie. 

There is huge appeal to experiencing South Africa’s diverse landscape and beauty by exploring its 4×4 trails through forests, wetlands, bushveld and mountains – and for this, you will need a suitable bakkie with its off-road skills.

Why Weelee loves bakkies

There are two reasons why we, at Weelee, love bakkies:

  1. We are proudly South African.
  2. As an online car selling platform, you, the customer, come first, and our commitment is to ensure you will get the best deal possible when selling your bakkie. It is the reason we exist and we have streamlined our innovative online platform to make the entire process is simple and successful

So, from single cabs and extended cabs to double cabs, don’t just sell your bakkie, Weelee it today!

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