Did you know? We ‘buy’ cars with minor damage

We 'buy' cars
We’re all familiar with Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,”  and driving on our roads is no exception; things inevitably go wrong and it is rare that a vehicle arrives on an online car selling marketplace with a clean bill of health. One of our most frequently asked questions is, Do we actually buy cars?”  It’s a good question. When we say, ‘we buy your car’, we are actually referring to our pre-approved dealers who are waiting to bid on your car, no matter its shape and size, even if it comes with minor damage. 

What you may not know is that Capt. Edward Murphy, the US Air Force engineer working on a project to determine how much deceleration a human can cope with, in a sudden car crash, was broadly misinterpreted. What Murphy actually remarked to his colleagues was, “If there’s any way to do it wrong, I’ll find it”. And any dealer will likely find your vehicle imperfections too!

Our vetted and reputable dealers, as the buyers, adopt a flexible policy – bidding on and buying cars with previous damage (within reason), and subject to reasonable deductions in the final offer price to offset the outstanding repair work required before resale.

Here are three different options for you to consider when selling your car online with minor damage, to prepare you for an unbeatable cash offer for your pre-loved vehicle. 

Option 1 – Use your existing warranty or service plan.

If your almost-new vehicle happens to still be under warranty or service plan, count yourself lucky and make the most of your dealership benefits. This will definitely help you in preserving the bulk of your car’s resale value and cut out any major repair work in advance of selling your car online. 

Option 2 –  Use your local mechanic or panel beater to professionally repair your car

This may be the most logical decision for car-owners who find themselves out of warranty or service plan. Ensuring that both major and minor repair work is professionally completed at a reputable workshop prior to listing your car will maximise offers for your vehicle and avoid any surprises or hold-ups on final inspection. 

The downside is that this may cost you more because you are engaging with a repairer as a consumer, not an industry insider.

Disclaimer: Unless these repairs are done by professional and reputable industry panel beaters, this isn’t the ideal scenario. When repair work is done ‘on the cheap,’ with no warranty, it is most likely the dealer will knock down the original bid on inspection. As the Afrikaans saying goes: “Goedkoop is maar duurkoop.”

Option 3 – Sell your car online, ‘voetstoots’

If you urgently need to sell your vehicle and time is not on your side. Then this may be your only option.  Many of our pre-approved dealers have access to specialised mechanics and may buy your car in its less-than-perfect condition, but it will have an effect on the final price offered. 

Dealers often prefer to take on repairs themselves (if they are minor) as they have good relationships with repair experts themselves. It may be that the price reduction is lower than the repair cost that you would have undertaken. If you do not repair ahead of time, you will be faced with the decision of accepting the reduced price on the spot!  Do your homework and you will be in a better position to accept or reject a reduced offer.

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Sell your car on Weelee, warts and all!

The pre-approved dealers that partner with Weelee all agree that Murphy’s Law is the norm rather than the exception. If the time has finally come to say goodbye to your trusted old vehicle, don’t let superficial damage deter you from registering and selling on Weelee.

At Weelee, we ‘buy’ cars that are scratched, dented and a little under the weather.

All that’s left for you to do is upload your car today on Weelee’s innovative platform. 
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