I want to sell my car | 5 Tips before you list it online

Man lists his car for sale online

You want to sell your car online and your goal is to get the most rands for your wheels. Speed, efficiency, simplicity and best price are top of your agenda when listing your vehicle online. But is there a quick fix or a simple manoeuvre to ensure you get the maximum value? There is…

At Weelee, we’re all about making the process of selling your car online that much safer, easier, and more professional while still delivering the best cash price. We want to lend a hand and provide our top pointers to give you the best-selling price on your used vehicle. 

Follow our 5-step hassle-free process to get more value when selling your car online:

#1 Spit and polish

There’s no doubt that looks matter when you choose to sell your car online. When you’re daydreaming about a new set of sexy wheels, you need a realistic perspective on your old rims before photographing them to attract interested bidders. 

No buyer can think straight when they see dog hairs on the seats or muddy mags. An effective valet can do the world of good for enhancing your vehicle, putting it in its best light to attract potential buyers. A couple hundred rands at a car wash or a few hours with a vacuum cleaner and some car polish will help your car’s best features shine through. 

Father and son wash their car

#2 Rectify the mechanicals

A puff of smoke from the exhaust when the potential buyer turns on the ignition, or a few too many revs when accelerating, is likely to drop your asking price to embarrassing levels (making that SUV you want to upgrade to that much further out of reach). 

Before listing your vehicle for sale, address any mechanical hassles that may be present or are likely to crop up in the first month for the new potential owner. 

It could be as easy as changing the oil, replacing worn-out tyres, addressing a warning light on the dashboard, getting the brakes checked out by a professional, or replacing a malfunctioning indicator light. What may seem like a quick fix or minor alteration could mean megabucks in your bank account when selling your car online.

Woman looks under the bonnet of her car

Providing potential buyers with a well-maintained and mechanically sound car will instil confidence in the buyer and increase the likelihood of a bidder giving you the price you deserve. 

#3 Up aesthetic value

Fairytales may be relevant to some areas of life, but not the practicalities of selling your car. Unfortunately, looks do count.

But there’s hope. A minor nip and tuck or brush and polish, and you’re A for away! 

Consider investing in inexpensive cosmetic changes such as replacing worn-out floormats or installing new windscreen wipers, touching up paint chips, minor dents and scratches. 

Minor damage after an accident

A small revamp can make a world of difference when it comes to your bottom line. 

Minor improvements are likely to make your car stand out in the competitive market and leave an indelible impression on potential bidders or buyers.

#4 Gather the paperwork

An organised seller is always a happy one. Before listing your vehicle for sale, it’s essential to get all your admin ducks in a row. 

Documenting your car’s maintenance history can boost its value and reassure potential buyers of its reliability.

Gather all service records, receipts, or documentation related to repairs and maintenance performed on the car. These details can position buyers to make an informed decision and demonstrate that the vehicle has been well cared for during your ownership.

#5 Be Weelee sure

There are only so many items you can realistically get checked off the to-do list before you decide to sell your car online. At the top of your list should be choosing the best place to sell your vehicle.

Dealership hopping and accepting a single offer is a definite no-no. 

Weelee ticks the following boxes to give you peace of mind when selecting a place to sell your car:

  • 4.7 rating on trusted review platform Hellopeter
  • Multiple offers from preapproved dealers to give you the best cash price
  • Professional service that goes the extra mile
  • A hassle-free, safe and easy online vehicle upload process
  • Speedy sales that don’t give you the run-around
  • An all-in-one location where you can buy, sell or trade-in your vehicle.
Give your car the best foot forward and sell it for the best price today the Weelee way!
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