Looking to sell your car? Here’s how COVID has impacted the second-hand car market

Impact of Covid-19 on the second-hand car market
We’re guessing that you stumbled on this post because you’re considering selling your second-hand car online and wondering how the market has changed. Here’s an industry update: despite the long list of negatives that emanated from the pandemic, when it comes to the second-hand car market, the odds are actually stacked in the seller’s favour (at least for now).

Perhaps the recent fuel price increases have put your budget under pressure and you are wondering if there is anything more you can do to mitigate the upsurge in running costs. Selling your second-hand car and downsizing to a more fuel-efficient one is definitely the smart way of updating your budget! 

We are here to not only help you reach a decision as we break down the facts but also help get you the best cash price if you do decide that now is the time to sell your second-hand vehicle. 

COVID-19 and the second-hand car market

Simply put, there isn’t a better time to sell your second-hand car online than now! Here’s a simple breakdown of the pandemic’s domino effect: 

  • COVID-19 disrupted the automotive industry’s global supply chain. 
  • As a result, fewer new cars have been coming off the production line, which has pushed up the price of new vehicles.
  • Coupled with economic hardship, which has led to a growing supply of second-hand cars, the demand for used vehicles has increased. 
  • Consequently, the second-hand car market is currently buoyant. 
  • Increased demand means a higher price that buyers are willing to pay for your vehicle. 

Check out these smart tips that will help increase the value of your second-hand car.

Second-hand car market and you

The above unlocks the next crucial consideration: how to sell your second-hand car online? Whether you decide to sell privately or through dealers, we urge you to ‘stay woke!’ 

There are many online players masquerading as potentially  ‘great customers’ ready to haggle over your asking price until you sell your pre-loved car at a dishearteningly low price. Or there are those who are well-practised in doing a number on you and scamming you. (You do not want to fall prey to these dodgy buyers).

This is where Weelee steps in as the fastest growing online car sales platform in South Africa. Why settle for the first offer when Weelee can get you the best cash price on our online platform?

Save yourself the stress & risks and sell your car the hassle-free way. 

You and Weelee

Selling your second-hand car online should never be a risky endeavour. You need to do it right the first time. By choosing to ‘Weelee it’ – the no-risk option – you will not only have absolute control over our obligation-free process (which is simple, fast and safe) but you will also get the best cash price. 

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Impact of Covid on second-hand car market

Did you know that we rank as number one in customer service on Hellopeter? (And you know how candid people get on the Hellopeter platform). To have maintained that reputation over time is a testament to our brand consistency; from the promises we make to our customer-centric commitment. 

Weelee it today and get the best cash price

To sell your second-hand car with Weelee, simply upload your details and a dedicated personal Weelee consultant will reach out to you. They will offer you support until you score an excellent deal – in a fast, transparent and secure way. 

If you are based in Gauteng and you prefer a face to face scenario, then head on over to our Pretoria-based drive-through experience which is optimised for efficiency, just like our online platform.

If selling your second-hand car is on the cards, then now is the time to Weelee it!
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