Sell your car for more – 5 Tips to increase the value of your used vehicle

Sell your car or Bakkie for mare
A used car’s resale condition is only as good as its most recent owner! When selling your used vehicle, we understand that your primary aim is to sell your car for more to offset the cost of a newer model. Whether you are meticulous in your attention to (service) detail or are more relaxed in the ongoing maintenance of your current vehicle, any potential seller can maximise his or her return by following a few steps.

At Weelee, we have covered each of these topics in previous blog articles

But for your convenience – and your crusade for maximum cash returns – here are our top five tips to increase the value of your used vehicle when the time finally comes to sell your car.  

#1 Keep all paperwork and service records in check 

While forking out for consumables such as cambelt changes and that regular 21-point check may seem like a grudge purchase, consider it money well spent in detecting and treating major problems well ahead of breaking point. 

Your paperwork also needs to be equal to the point to show to a prospective buyer that your vehicle has been serviced at regular intervals. Definitely, our least fun tip to share, but It serves as an invaluable bargaining chip when trying to sell your car for more; the stamp of approval that your car has been well looked after. 

If you are running short on recent logbook records beyond your original service plan, consult your local mechanic who is likely to still have your recent service in electronic format. 

#2 Keep your tyres in optimum condition

Tyre pressure was rated number 1 in Weelee’s Top 5 road trip tips, and for good reason. A dangerous blowout can have a catastrophic effect on your car (and your passengers). 

Regularly checking on and attending to tyre variables such as pressure, tread depth, alignment and pothole damage can go a long way when attempting to sell your car for more in the used vehicle market. Word of caution, get a grip on this tip well before selling.   

#3 Keep car personalizations to a minimum

Maybe you were inspired enough by the massive rear spoiler of the Subaru Impreza WRX from Colin McRae rally to transplant one onto your Audi A4 a few years ago? In all honesty, it’s more likely to gain extra laughter than more bucks in the used car marketplace. Car modifications are generally for aesthetic purposes and ultimately, these personalised upgrades rarely hold their intrinsic value in the eyes of a potential buyer. If you are wanting to sell your car for more, then rather pump any extra cash lying around into the next tip on our list. 

#4 Keep your car in general tip-top condition

A vehicle can often appear to be worth more if the potential buyer can see that its previous owner took good care of it. First glimpses leave a lasting impression and all that jazz! If you are looking to sell your car for more, look at getting your vehicle detailed to restore the interior and exterior to as close to its showroom condition as you possibly can. Need some inspiration? Our top five tips to get your car ready to sell is a great starting point.

#5 Keep a check on dashboard warning lights

The warning signs on your car’s dashboard are not just a lighting display to spruce up your car’s interior – despite how well Audi and their ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik approach’ design them. 

These signals are your vehicle’s way of showing you that something in your car is not right, and needs your attention. Much like our servicing tip, ignoring any dashboard warning lights might be something that your pocket will seriously regret when the time comes to sell your used vehicle. No potential buyer wants to inherit a ‘red light district’ when investing their hard-earned money on a newer vehicle and most dealers will negotiate a lower price inspection if not openly disclosed in the uploading details. 

Weelee can get you more – as long as you come to the party

Did we also mention that the Weelee platform is completely free for sellers to use, as a secure space to connect with serious buyers? Just another reason why the decision to “Weelee it” over other selling methods puts more moola in your pocket at the end of a successful sale. 

Visit our website, explore our simple, safe and effective online platform, and get ready to sell your car for more, with Weelee
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