Losing the need for speed – Is it time to sell your sports car?

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From James Dean’s Rebel Merc and the Aston Martins of iconic Bond movies to the Fords and Ferrari’s of the (neverending) Fast and Furious franchise – obtaining a high-performance car is the realisation of teenage dreams. From sleek exterior lines to unimaginable horse-power, few life experiences can trump the thrill of cruising the streets or highways, with your chin up to your knees, in a top-of-the-range vehicle. Which, for many, can make the decision to sell your sports car an unimaginable prospect.

However, circumstances can change at any time, forcing us to make major decisions on what to keep and what to let go of.  Whether it be for functional, financial or family reasons, the decision to sell your used sports car can be a bittersweet moment. However, South Africa has a growing affluent market for used luxury cars with keen buyers willing to pay top dollar for in-demand makes and models.

At Weelee, we’re here to make your decision a little easier by motivating why you should sell your sports car today and cash in on your pride and joy at a great cash price.

Purge those high Insurance premiums

Let’s face it – the low ground clearance of sports cars and South Africa’s notorious pot-holed roads were never going to be a romance that endured! The conditions of our roads, combined with sports cars being labelled a high-risk asset in the eyes of insurance brokers, means that you are forever burdened with sky-high insurance premiums. And with prices skyrocketing everywhere you look, something has to reach a breaking point. By selling your used sports car and switching to a more conventional vehicle, you can save thousands a month, both on insurance premiums and also on fuel consumption. 

Pass the finish line with a solid ROI when you sell your sports car

When you put your sports car out into the used car sales market, you attract a number of different market categories, such as;

  • Young graduates looking for their dream car
  • Affluent drivers searching for a sporty-upgrade
  • Celebrities and Influencers
  • Car collectors looking for specific, rare models and who are willing to pay top prices.

Sports cars are known to hold their value. And much like any in-demand used vehicle, being able to show that you took care of your car allows you to maximise the return on investment when the time comes to sell. 

Is it time to suspend the sports car lifestyle?

Things change. People change. Perhaps you’re staring at the reality that the stunning Porsche GTS or Mercedes AMG that you bought with the blood, sweat and tears of your twenties no longer works within your current life and family circumstances. Whether you need to drive something more sensible, or the stork forces you towards a family car, Weelee can assist you in navigating to the pitstop and fuelling up with a serious cash injection towards your next set of wheels (in under 5 minutes).

Don't just sell your sports car - Weelee it!

Escape the monster of sports car maintenance 

Let’s face it, nothing beats driving a sports car; the wind in your hair, screaming exhaust pipe and navigating the winding roads of the Cape or the Berg. That is until something stops you in your tracks. The exclusivity of many sports cars in South Africa means that sourcing the parts to fix or maintain your specific model can be an utter nightmare. Let’s not even get started on the price of custom tyres and rims, which ranks among our top 4 reasons for selling your car

If you wake up at night worrying about maintenance issues, perhaps now is the time to sell your prestige sports car for super-attractive and industry-competitive cash offers.

Weelee – A sporty way to sell your used car

From A7s to z4s and every iconic supercar in-between, Weelee has created an innovative platform allowing you to connect with serious buyers and sell your sports car for the highest cash price. Avoid the hassle, expense and time of a private sale by showcasing your high-end vehicle through a process that zooms from upload to offer at breakneck speed.  

Put some spice into your sports car sale by registering today on Weelee – where you always win!
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