The 5 most popular cars sold on Weelee

Most popular cars & Bakkies sold on Weelee
If you are a fan of our Weelee blog page – a space full of relevant information and inspirational car industry content – then you will know that the number 5 features quite often in our blog titles. So to continue the trend, we thought it would be helpful to dip into our stats to determine the 5 most popular cars sold on our innovative online platform. 

Before we introduce the popular kids, we want you to know that you can sell any vehicle on Weelee – size and shape really don’t matter. (This isn’t high school – it’s the serious real-world of selling your car online).

In the second-hand car retail market, the sector is brimming with vehicles to choose from. But there will always be those that stand out from their competitors for a variety of reasons. 

We would like to highlight the top 5 vehicles that we see outselling the rest

This will be good news for you if you are looking to sell one of these cars as our pre-approved Weelee dealers are ready with multiple competitive offers. 

#1 Toyota Hilux – Going places

With South Africans’ long-standing love affair with Bakkies, it is a no-brainer that a Bakkie would rank #1 in a popularity contest. And here at Weelee, it is the Toyota Hilux which is dominating second-hand online sales with its rugged good looks and performance. It is also SA’s most-searched-for used vehicle. And with its solid ladder chassis – it is tough and built to last. 

Sell your Toyota Hilux Bakkie for the best cah price on Weelee

Because the Hilux Bakkie ticks so many boxes – durability (it will last you way beyond 350 000km), dependability, good trade-in value (because it is so durable and dependable), comfort, affordable parts and a large rear loading bay – it is no surprise that it is the pick of the crop for South African farmers. But from the farm to the bush to the construction site to the city, it always looks the part and does the job – guaranteed. 

Despite Toyota’s tagline promising to ‘go places,’ we don’t believe the Hilux is ‘going anywhere’ when it comes to the second-hand car market! 

#2 The VW Polo – The people’s car 

Volkswagen has always been the ‘people’s car’ – from the first iconic Beetle released in South Africa in 1951 to the Citi Golf in the late 70s and since 2009, the ever-popular VW Polo which is currently dominating the new and second-hand online car selling market. This is largely due to Volkswagen’s reputation, (there is just something about German engineering). A great quality build, comfort, reliability, budget-beating fuel economy and 351 litres of boot space (with rear seats up) are just a few teasers. 

Weelee your VW Polo for more

But one of the major reasons it is so popular is probably because it is manufactured locally and therefore access to car parts and local repairs is easier and more affordable. 

With Weelee being the ‘people’s online platform’ – we stand out from our competitors when it comes to getting you the best cash price. It could also have something to do with the fact that we are rated #1 for customer service on Hello Peter. 

#3 Ford Ranger – Built tough 

Of course there was going to be another Bakkie in the top 5 and the Ford Ranger proudly takes the #3 spot. Although it may play ‘second fiddle’ to its rival, the Toyota Hilux, there is nothing ‘less than’ when it comes to singing the praises of this versatile and capable workhorse.  

Sell your Ford Ranger on Weelee

It clearly stands out in the affordability and reliability categories. Add superb towing capability and safety features to the list and you have a real winner. With ample seating and headroom for 4 adults and a rear load that easily accommodates camping gear, sports gear, pets and luggage, the Ranger is a Bakkie that redefines LIVE | WORK | PLAY across the South African landscape. 

Our Weelee advice is that due to the popularity of the Ford Ranger on the second-hand car market, you shouldn’t just sell your Bakkie, you should ‘Weelee it’ to get the best cash price as our reputable dealers ‘tough it out’ with offers for yours. 

#4 Ford Fiesta – Go further

Smaller hatchbacks are a firm favourite among South African buyers. Cue the Ford Fiesta, ranking a solid fourth on our second-hand online stats. This stylish go-getter maintains its popular appeal for first-time buyers, young families and retirees. But once you move on to baby #3 and a couple of dogs, we suggest you head over to Weelee to sell your Fiesta for the best cash price. (There are so many buyers out there who would love one). 

Sell your Ford Fiesta on Weelee

There is a lot to recommend this zippy little runaround: affordability, reliability, fuel efficiency, good handling, quality interior style, a 290-litre boot capacity plus those little extras in the form of a USB in and 12v outlet. Thanks to its longstanding popularity, there are also plenty of spare parts out there for affordable maintenance and repairs.

Even though 2022 saw it being discontinued from Ford’s range, we don’t believe this will impact its popularity on our second-hand car platform. For now, it remains a firm favourite and our Weelee team are on standby to go a step further for our clients.

#5 Toyota Fortuner – Oh, what a feeling

South Africans may be in love with Bakkies, but they are besotted with SUVs. So #5 on the bestseller list to take to the second-hand ‘red carpet’ is the Toyota Fortuner. According to News 24, it “basically sells itself.” (We could just put an image here and let it do just that, but we will add a couple of reasons why this SUV deserves the applause).

Weelee your Toyota Fortuna SUV for the best cash price

Beyond Toyota’s brand reputation, the Fortuner offers space, excellent off-road capabilities and reliability. Apparently, it simply floats over gravel and dirt roads (thanks to its double-wishbone suspension in the front and four-link rear set-up). And as a 7-seater with a braked towing capacity of 3 300kg, family adventures just got real. 

With a huge second-hand SUV buying pool out there, our vetted dealers cannot wait to get their hands on your Toyota Fortuner. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “If you’re looking to get the best cash price, don’t just sell your car or Bakkie, Weelee it!”
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