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If you are pursuing the perfect work-life balance, then this blog is exactly the read you need. Forget the Ted Talk influencers and life coaching webinars, Weelee has the answer. It all has to do with saying “yes” to a new hobby or sports passion and getting the right wheels to support all your family’s extra mural activities. 

You don’t need us to tell you the commitment involved when taking up a new sport or hobby. From mountain biking and surfing to starting a garage band or camping, the gear is big and the investment is even bigger. But the thrill of the ride – be that a mountain trail or a wave – is huge. And the music gigs or camping trip memories are worth every sacrifice; one of which may be to sell your car for a more suitable alternative.

Our Weelee advice is not that you sell your car and rely on an Uber ride to transport your drum kit, cello, mountain bike, surfboard or camping gear. That makes no logical sense. 

What we are suggesting is perhaps selling your current car to buy a vehicle that suits the types of extramural or weekend activity you have invested in.

We’re talking utility, space, budget and economical considerations so you can pursue your passion with the wind at your back, music blaring in your ears and the stars above.  

#1 Sell your car to hit the trails

As an adrenaline sport, the mountain biking bug bit a while ago but the sport continues to experience ongoing growth and popularity. And South Africa’s mountain biking trail offerings in every province, for every level of rider, encourage your whole family to become involved. But this may mean selling your car (or ’Weeleeing it’) to fit the bikes. 

Car with Mountain bike racks

If you are a lone ranger, selling a bigger vehicle for a smaller and more affordable run-around or hatchback makes sense. You may think this is counterintuitive and we’ve gone soft in our Weelee head, but we’ve done our homework. 

A top-of-the-range mountain bike can set you back R150 000 and for a decent second-hand bike, you’re easily looking at around R25 000 – R30 000. 

You clearly see where we are going with this. Selling your car for more on our Weelee platform is going to give you a little extra cash to seriously invest in a quality mountain bike. And with a smaller car, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a bike rack. If you’re prepared for the schlepp, you can remove the wheels and put the backseat down for the bike to fit in. 

Fit your mountain bike in your car

But as a family of mountain bikers, you may need to sell your smaller car for a sedan or SUV that can adequately and safely handle the weight of bicycle boot racks or roof racks that are designed to transport multiple bikes. Or, you finally have a legitimate reason to justify selling your car to buy the Bakkie! 

#2 Upsize your car to get to the gig

You haven’t yet signed the record label, but you are finally getting the gigs. Your Indie garage band is quite the eclectic group. Regardless of your genre of music, transporting cellos, drum kits, guitars, keyboards, microphones, speakers etc is a logistical mission. And because of the financial investment in these musical instruments and the care required in transporting them, we do not advise strapping them to a roof rack or tossing them on the back of a Bakkie. (Unlike bikes and surfboards, they are not weatherproof and shouldn’t be exposed to the elements). 

Sell your car fro a car that can fit all your musical equipment

A serious consideration is selling your car to upsize to a larger vehicle that has space features to safely accommodate and easily access all the musical equipment. 

#3 Downsize your car to catch the perfect wave

The waves are calling and with 2 500km of pristine coastline and unique surf patterns and swell sizes, South Africa is a surfer’s paradise. Catching the perfect wave is a kief pastime which makes road trips a given. Whether it’s Muizenberg, Stilbaai, Cape St. Francis, Jeffreys bay, Nahoon Reef, Scottburgh or Durbs, hitting the road with your surfboard means you can downsize to a smaller and more economical car that will not clock up the rands as you clock up the miles. 

Take a roadtrip with your surfboard

If it’s just you, your surfboard can fit inside a really small hatchback. But if your mates are joining you, then all you need is an appropriate-sized roof rack. So sell your car for more and join the Weelee ‘wave tribe’ (aka our satisfied customers).

#4 Upgrade your car to commune with nature

Let’s face it – thanks to the economy – the luxury of a holiday has probably quickly been scratched off your budget. (Life has become all about needs and not wants). But all is not lost. With Weelee, staycations have just got a little more interesting and a road trip is not off the table. Your wanderlust can still be satisfied and no, we are not going to suggest you sell a car to buy a caravan or motorhome. (But don’t let us stop you if that floats your boat).

Sell your car for a 4x4 or minivan to go camping

Camping has definitely had a facelift over the past few years and evolved to become a really fun and strategic way to explore the mountains, bush and sea. You just need the right vehicle to fit all the must-have camping gear (plus the kids and bikes and surfboards). If this is your latest holiday vibe, then this just might be the time to upgrade to a 4×4 or minivan.

No need to keep the home fires burning. By selling your car with Weelee for the best price, you can afford to invest in an upgrade and start your campfire holiday memories. 

Pursue your passions with Weelee

Here at Weelee, we are delighted that you are embracing the work-life balance. We love the fact that you are either getting out and about on mountain bikes or surfboards (with camping gear in tow) or are passionate about making music. 

With all this talk about money and investing in sports gear, musical equipment, road trips and camping, it’s nice to know that our entire service offering is free. Not only can we offer you the best online experience and best deal when the time comes to sell your car, but we also have 4 ‘carefree’ reasons why you should ‘Weelee it.’

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