4 Reasons to sell your car ‘Ke Dezemba

Christmas family road trip

The season for jollyness, relaxation, family time and fun is almost upon us. This year has been a long, hard slog. The last-minute work deadlines are almost behind you, you’re psyched for a road trip and you hear friends asking about your plans ‘ke Dezemba. Selling your car has been on your to-do list for a while, and now is a really good time. So why not close the year by bidding farewell to your old wheels and start 2023 on a clean slate with a new car?

At Weelee, your trusted online car sales platform, we highlight 4 popular reasons sell your car as you wave goodbye to 2022: 

#1 To make your road trip safer

December is the busiest time on South Africa’s roads and also the best opportunity (for most working people) to set off on a much-anticipated road trip.

Whether you’re heading to the sea (Plett, Cape Town, Durbs or the Wild Coast) or inland (the Drakensberg, Kruger National Park or God’s Window in Mpumalanga), keeping yourself and your beloved passengers safe is your top priority.

safe family road trip

Perhaps your once-trusty vehicle is growing unreliable, or you’re nervous to hit the open road with your children in a car without airbags or ABS brakes. That’s all the more reason to sell your car quickly (uploading your car to Weelee takes only 2 minutes), and give your loved ones peace of mind in a more trustworthy vehicle for that longer journey.

#2 To splurge on an upgrade

You’ve put many hours (and sleepless nights) into your job and it’s finally paying off. That rewarding year-end bonus has eventually made its way into your bank account (things are looking up!).

That sexy new ride you’ve eyed out all year is now within reach! 

Why not put your 13th cheque (or your hard-earned savings) into a car upgrade? (You deserve it).

You can sing ‘Auld lang syne’ with a sense of accomplishment when you sell your car with Weelee. Our safe, secure and hassle-free online selling platform makes getting rid of your old car that much easier.

keys to a new car

#3 To upsize for the holiday road trip

Perhaps it has been a year of change for you; you got married, had a baby or welcomed a new furry friend into your life – congratulations! 🎉

New additions to your family bring more joy, but also take up a bit of extra space in your car (we’re talking more luggage, room for prams, car seats & general paraphernalia). 

On the other hand, maybe your family numbers haven’t increased, but your need for extra space has. You’ve taken up a new sport or hobby or planned a camping trip that requires a bigger car this December.

These are all pretty convincing reasons to sell your smaller car and upsize to a new ride that will suit your new lifestyle or life stage.

Our friendly, professional and expert service makes us streets ahead of any car-selling competitors.

sell your car for one with better storage capacity

#4 To downsize and improve fuel economy

While we try to stay focused on the positives, 2022 has been a tough year financially for a large portion of the South African population.

The increased cost of living and the constant fuel price hikes have affected all of us, but especially those with petrol-glugging vehicles.

Set less of your budget aside for fuel in 2023 by selling your fuel-sapper for a more fuel efficient car (or perhaps even a hybrid).

sell your car for one with better fuel economy

The best way to sell your car ‘Ke Dezemba

With South Africans embracing the positive call to a ‘Ke Dezmeba mindset, we are certainly helping to add Weelee to your ‘Dezemeba’ wishlist. Enter into a deeper rest this festive season by getting rid of your old car and driving into the sunset with new wheels.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money with trade-ins, single offers and time-wasters. Rather receive multiple competitive offers and swift, helpful service with Weelee.

Be a ‘Ke Dezemba boss and sell your car today before starting your holiday!
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