Need to sell your car? Weelee it while still doing what you love!

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There are only so many hours in a day – that’s a given. As priorities and to-do lists dictate your weekly schedule, where are you going to find time to sell your car without compromising pressing commitments or your much-treasured snippets of free time? We have good news: there is no need to cancel your golf game, coffee date, Pilates in the Park or whatever your favourite pastime may be. Simply Weelee it! (Yes, we are a verb). Weeleeing your car means you can do so from the comfort of your own home (or from the comfort of anywhere) and still do the things you love – that is also a given on our fast, easy and safe online platform. 

Weelee is miles ahead (love the pun) with the most innovative car selling platform –  giving you the freedom to keep doing the things you love and still ending up with the best cash deal possible. That is just another given when you choose to sell your car the Weelee way. 

So, if you have planned a camping weekend with your kids, or a trip down to Durbs, you don’t need to cancel, and you really don’t need to put selling your car on hold. 

What makes Weeleeing it so simple?

Weeleeing your car means you can upload it on our platform in 3 easy steps. Start by completing our quick, obligation-free application form. This gets the ball rolling and one of our expert Weelee consultants will Whatsapp you within the hour. Your personal sales consultant will also be in touch within 2 hours of application during business operating hours. We will then load your car on our bidding platform where thousands of pre-approved and reputable dealers will have access to it. This ensures you are in the best position to get the best deal possible when you sell your car. 

What makes Weeleeing it so fast?

Over the next 24 hours – your car becomes a hot commodity as dealers start bidding on it. You can just sit back – in the comfort of your own home – and watch and wait as our pre-approved dealers outbid each other. When you are happy, you accept the offer and our certified dealer will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect your car to ensure it matches the information you disclosed, as all offers are subject to inspection. After inspection, all the necessary paperwork will be completed, fast payment will be arranged, and the sale concluded. All that in the space of 24 hours!

What makes Weeleeing it so safe?

Valuing your privacy and information security is one of our most important concerns when you sell your car on our online platform. 

The following is an absolute given and our Weelee promise to you:

  • We will only disclose your information to a specific dealer once you have accepted an offer and granted us permission to put you in contact.
  • We also blur all vehicle registration number plates and/or any other personal information that might be visible on your uploaded pictures.

Throughout the entire process, you are in the driver’s seat – whether you are at home, on the beach, or camping in the bushveld – (as long as you have data).

Take a couple of minutes to read what so many of our satisfied customers have to say. 

So, when you need to sell your car, Weeleeing it becomes a no-brainer, freeing you up to do what you love. 
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