The Pitfalls and Risks of Selling your Car Privately

Selling your car privately
Selling your car is a reality that is often fraught with frustrations and complications. You usually have a few options: you can trade it in at a dealer, upload it on an online car selling platform or sell it privately. In the past (before the internet), selling your car privately was the way to go – a ‘for sale’ sign in the window or parking your car at a lot over weekends. 

But the world has moved on and selling your car privately – although still a viable option – is full of risks and pitfalls. You may think it is the best way to get the best price (and you are probably right when compared to trading it in), but there is much to consider before you choose this route. 

Is the potential for a higher price worth the risks? 

Risk #1 – Time 

If you choose to sell your car privately, you have to be prepared for the time it will take. There are many details you will be responsible for and a quick sale is probably unlikely. It could take a couple of weeks or even months, and so you have to decide if the waiting game is worth it. 

Let’s outline the time-consuming details for you:

  • You will have to advertise your car so potential buyers will know it is for sale.
  • Get ready to field and filter enquiries – phone calls, messages, social media queries, emails etc. 
  • Then there are the appointments you will have to schedule for people who would like to view the car or take it for a test drive (and you will have to go along for the ride as you cannot simply trust a stranger).
  • You will have to make sure your car is clean and sparkly (much like a show house) for potential buyers who show up to see your car in the best light. 
  • A potential buyer will often try to negotiate you down on your original asking price as though your price is way above the normal value (the real negotiator type!).
  • You will be responsible for the paperwork and logistics for concluding the sale. 

As they say, “time is money” and you will need to work out if selling your car privately is worth your time and trouble. 

Risk #2 – Shady buyers

Yes, the scammers are out there – and selling your car privately can draw some opportunistic shady buyers out of the woodwork. There are many who have lived to tell the tale of being the victims of scam artists; those who fell prey to cartels or dodge buyers. 

Read Barry’s real-life account. Do you want to take that risk? 

Risk #3 – After-sales service

After you have sold your car privately, you run the risk of a buyer becoming dissatisfied and claiming there are issues with the car and that they want their money back. This could cause you a major headache and you could be responsible for paying for the repairs. If there was an issue that you did not inform the buyer of, you could then be at the mercy of an angry buyer and a potential legal battle. You really don’t need this hassle in your life. 

There is a better way to sell your car. 

Weelee it! – The risk-free solution

At Weelee, we believe selling your car on our hassle-free and obligation-free online platform is your best solution. Our innovative online solution is completely risk-free – saving you time and guaranteeing you the best cash price.

Our fast, simple and very safe 3-step process makes so much sense and makes selling your car so easy:

  1. Upload your car and fill out the info.
  2. Safely watch vetted bids come in from our 1000’s of pre-approved dealers.
  3. Accept the best offer and it’s cash in the bank.

Have more questions? We’ve got the answers.

At the end of the day selling your car privately is complicated, so why not choose the oh-so-simple selling solution

Put another way, don’t sell your car privately, rather Weelee it!

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