Need to Sell Your Car? Weelee’s Timely Online Solution

Whether in good times or bad, there will come a time when you will need to sell your car. Whatever the reason for parting with your wheels, the process need not be stressful. There is no denying that the current unprecedented times have caused much anxiety and uncertainty. Our team at Weelee gets it, and we are here to help.

A COVID-19 Essential Solution

You are probably fed up with the fear, insecurity, bombardment of news articles and everchanging statistics, and the confusing evolution of lockdown restrictions.

But this is the context in which you need to sell your car. 

Choosing Weelee’s online platform becomes a no-brainer in this scenario and offers a welcome solution. It is completely safe (you don’t need to leave your home to sell your car with Weelee), so social distancing is sorted. Uploading your car on our hassle-free platform also requires no masks, thermometers or sanitisers. You simply upload your car’s details from the safety of your own home and then sit back and wait for the offers from our pre-approved and reputable dealers to come in. 

When you need to sell your car, we are all about reducing any additional stress factors! 

A Winter-Warmer Solution

It’s winter and it’s cold. Hibernation may not be a legitimate option, but staying close to home fires, drinking hot chocolate and avoiding the icy elements to sell your car is your best option when you choose Weelee. Why traipse from one second-hand car dealership to another, when you could be curled up in front of the heater in your gown and sheepskin slippers?

That’s all it takes to sell your car on our online platform. You can literally do it in 3 easy steps from your phone or laptop. The only small loophole? You might need to step out your front door for a few minutes to take a photo of your car to upload. Check out our tips in this blog

We guarantee that the offers that come in as our dealers bid on your car will warm the cockles of your heart. 

An All-Year-Round Solution

COVID-19 will pass and winter will pass. But reasons to sell your car will not. At Weelee we believe we are the ultimate online car selling platform – all year round! (Well, our satisfied customers seem to think so anyway). If you are based in Joburg or Cape Town and surrounds – when it comes time to sell your car – you can take advantage of our services anytime and anywhere. 

Weelee is driven by results and our team of experts is committed to you experiencing a smooth and professional online journey from start to finish: from uploading your car to receiving the highest cash offer. The whole process is also completely obligation-free. 

Don’t delay! If you need to sell your car, Weelee is your timely online solution. 

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