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As South Africa moves through the various levels of lockdown, the constant question on everyone’s mind is: “What am I allowed to do? What restrictions are in place?” If lockdown restrictions are giving you the blues, we’ve got some good news – particularly if you’re looking to sell your car. With Weelee, there are ZERO restrictions. That’s right – we’re giving you the GREEN light! Don’t let the current circumstances prevent you from selling your car – simply, safely and hassle-free!

Step into the open online air and sell your car – because we are open for business.

Sell Your Car with Total Safety

In the current climate, everyone’s concerned about safety. Weelee provides you with a completely safe and secure website to ensure that your details will be kept completely anonymous and secure when you upload your vehicle. Your identity will only be revealed to the buyer of your choice and your number plate will be blurred by our system. 

Plus, because our buyers are all car dealers who have been pre-approved by us, you can rest assured that you will not encounter strangers in dark allies! Sell your car with peace of mind to a reputable and trustworthy buyer.

Sell Your Car with Total Simplicity

We are not here to make the car selling process complicated or to bring any obstructions your way. With the current challenges, there’s already enough of that! Our website is hassle-free and SUPER easy to use. With just a few bare essentials and easy steps, you’ll be registered and ready to sit back and watch your car become hot property as the bids start coming in!

Sell Your Car with Total Availability

When we say we are open for business, we mean it. We are fully operational and ready to help you sell your car. Once you have uploaded your car’s details, we’ll review your application and make sure that you have the right details to position your car to be sold quicker! Your car will go live on our website and our car dealers will be on hand, ready to ‘show up’ online and start bidding for your car. The offers on your vehicle will go higher and higher, ensuring you get the best price!

Total Freedom

Weelee is a safe and secure online car sales website, fast becoming a firm favourite in South Africa. Plus, it is completely free to use! So, go ahead get a taste of the unrestricted life when you sell your car with Weelee.

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