Out with the old, in with the new – It’s time to ‘Weelee it

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Back in the ’90s, the concept of ‘googling it‘ to find the answer to life’s problems was a pretty odd proposition. After all, this was still a generation that coveted encyclopedias, Kodak moments and broadsheet papers. Now we cannot imagine a world (or a dilemma) without our trusted search engine bestie. Fast forward to the 2020s. A new buzz phrase has firmly established itself in the urban dictionary – ‘Weelee it.’ 

‘Weele it’ simply refers to uploading your vehicle on our online platform where we cut out all the frills and fanfare of selling your used car. We offer straight-up convenience, safety and simplicity, along with multiple cash offers for your pre-owned vehicle. 

(To the frustration of the golden oldies, instant gratification seems to be the staple diet of Millennials and Gen Z. But here’s a fact about our online platform that you will be grateful for – our innovative online process for selling your car is as simple as 1,2,3. By simply adding your car details, registering your details on our secure platform and describing your particular used vehicle for sale, you are loaded and ready for business). 

Read on to discover why we stand out from our competitors and how ‘Weelee it’ has become the trendiest transaction in this new season of opportunities.

A newer set of wheels for newfound freedoms

With a diverse range of dealers (there are literally 100s of them) looking at acquiring vehicle models for every customer eventuality, each used vehicle is bound to meet its perfect match on the Weelee platform. While your small runaround may feel like old metal, it will make the perfect, new ride for students or first-time car owners, with a freshly printed license to cruise. 

Weelee it and get the best cash price

A new arrival may require an upsize to match

You can reminisce all you want about the convertible sports car that provided some of the best moments of your life. However, should a precious new passenger be preparing to make its arrival into your world, you will need to make some tough, yet practical decisions. That might mean sacrificing the fancy wheels for a more family-friendly alternative. 

Need to upsize? Sell your used car online

Be assured that when you decide to ‘Weelee it,’ our pre-approved buyers will be keeping a keen eye and a thick wallet out!  Find out more here about how you can go about selling your used luxury car.

A new life overseas means out with the old (car or bakkie) 

Taking the plunge to sell up and emigrate overseas can be a daunting task. And that’s just the visas and paperwork! Aside from selling your home, finding a buyer for your vehicle(s) is probably the biggest logistical hurdle you will need to overcome before waving Bon Voyage Mzansi and starting fresh in a new country. 

Sell your second-hand car or bakkie online for the best cash price

If you need to sell your bakkie or family SUV, you’ve come to the right place. Let Weelee assist with finding you a buyer and great cash offers. All you need to possibly worry about is learning to drive on the other side of the road.

A new start –  ‘Weelee it’ for a worry-free 2022 and beyond

The past two years have been a challenging experience for many of us. The way we work, socialise and commute has changed drastically. For many of us, we have come to embrace the ‘new normal’ and that may mean selling your car. 

Need a cash injection to beat the Januworry blues? Prefer to take a back-seat ride through ride-sharing platforms, for the foreseeable future? The solution is simple – just ‘Weelee it‘. You will get the best deal possible for the used car currently lying idle in your driveway or garage.

Don’t just sell it, ‘Weelee it’

The Roman philosopher, Lucius Seneca, said, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. Your trusted old vehicle – which was once the beginning of an incredible journey in your life – is now about to rev up a new chapter in the life of its next buyer. For whatever reason you need to sell your used car, there isn’t a better alternative that beats ‘Weeleeing it – for simplicity, convenience and the best deal possible.

Ready to sell your car, bakkie or SUV this year? Get ready, get set, Weelee it!

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