Sell your car online and discover why South Africans love Weelee

Sell your car online - South Africans love Weelee
South Africa is truly ‘lit’ with customs and practices that you are highly unlikely to find anywhere elsewhere in the world. From our regular ‘homage to the disappearing sun’ with a sundowner to our obsession with cooking meat over open flames, we’re quite a peculiar yet passionate bunch. Now a new masterplan has evolved in SA hearts and minds – the ability to sell your car online, quickly and conveniently, when you choose to ‘Weelee it!’. 

Customers love our effortless platform so much that Weelee is now a verb that has been firmly sketched in the minds of our motorists.

But don’t just take it from us. Drawn from the opinions and feedback of our customers’ reviews, we’ve compiled the Top 5 reasons why South Africans love selling their cars online with Weelee and why you’ll ‘dig it’ too!

1. Awesome convenience

We’ve created an experience to sell your car online that is extremely easy and hassle-free. There’s no fishy business in the Weelee pond, and no running from pillar to post. 

Sell your car online anywhere, anytime

Anyone can sell their vehicle – anywhere and anytime – when they are ready, at a cash offer that you are happy with. And best of all, the buyer handles all the paperwork and collection of the vehicle. You can literally weelee it from the wicker couch or hammock!

2. Seamless online experience

At Weelee, we don’t bind you up in subscriptions and complex registrations; South Africans have enough of this on their plate when dealing with the licensing department! Our online user experience is smooth and transparent, ensuring that anyone can load your vehicle’s details in three simple steps. 

You can further enhance your listing and stand out from the crowd by adding more images and detailing the current condition of the car, safe in the knowledge that only pre-approved and vetted dealers are granted access to our platform and your precious set of wheels. We like to call it the ‘worldwide wonder of Weelee!’

3. Excellent service – from start to finish

Yes, we make bold statements to sell your car online for the best cash price, quickly and conveniently. To deliver on this promise for each and every seller, we take our service ‘weelee’ seriously! This means no bugs on the website, following up on queries, ensuring quick turnarounds on any matter and keeping you informed throughout the process. 

Kids from the ‘80s will understand us when we borrow the old Ronseal phrase that ‘we do exactly what it says on the tin.’

Experience Weelee's excellent customer service when you sell your car online

4. Exceptional customer care when you sell

Selling your car online is a daunting experience at the best of times. Despite our predominantly online presence, you can be assured that there is a whole team of talented and caring humans wearing the Weelee badge. They are working alongside you to get the best offer and experience – even if it means we need to call you and check that you’ve bought those tyre valve caps before the buyer inspection, we’ll do that! 

Why? Because integrity and customer satisfaction mean everything to us and your five-star rating is the only benchmark we aspire to. 

5. Sell your car online for the best cash price

We wouldn’t spread this statement all over our website and amplify it in our radio ads without the endorsement of thousands of satisfied South African motorists. Bearing in mind, Weelee does not buy cars directly but rather focuses on connecting you, the seller, to our pre-approved dealers who know your car’s value and are not afraid to bid with serious competitive offers. 

Sell your car online for the best cash price

We live by the motto, ‘don’t just accept the first offer – allow Weelee to find you the best cash offer;’ saving you time and hassle.

Weelee it today, the ‘Mzansi way’ 

If there is one local craze that is set to stick around longer than the ‘Jerusalema’ dance hit, or ultra-low property interest rates, it is the opportunity for South Africans to sell their used vehicles, quickly, safely and conveniently. 

We may not be as original as the ‘Please Call Me’ concept, but we will ensure that your message gets through to the right recipient, offering you a settlement that you are more than happy to walk away with.

Don’t settle for the proverbial ‘doggy bag’ of lowball offers – log on to Weelee today and sell your car for the best cash price!

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