Sell Car Online – 5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Medium for Used Car Sales

When most RSA drivers arrive at the time to part with their current used car, they automatically think to sell car online. However, classified print Ads still exist and operate, and still tend to be the medium for an older generation to buy and sell used vehicles. And spare a thought for those who still park their used vehicles on the side of the road to sell!

If you are still weelee’ing and dealing through the advertisement pages of magazines or the weekly newspaper, we highly encourage you to make the switch to sell your car online.

Here are our top five reasons why you should sell your used vehicle the better way – via the internet.

Sell Car Online – Free of Charge to Submit your Ad

Online platforms such as allow you to register as a seller and upload your used car, for free. No more paying ‘per word’ and being charged a premium to add an image, which is often watered down with a grainy black and white picture on print media.

Sell your Used Car Online to a Wide Audience

Classified print Ads are often limited to a specific town or region, with little opportunity for prospective customers further afield to know about your lucrative sale. The sell car online approach opens you up to a limitless audience, with the ability to share your advert and expose your used car to a nationwide audience.

Sell Car OnlineGet your Advert Online to prospective Customers immediately.

No more waiting until next Tuesday until the publication featuring your used car goes to print. By selling your used car online, your Ad will go live almost instantly, once approved by website administrators. With quicker online exposure, it increases the chances of finding the right buyer sooner rather than later.

Selling Online is far safer than advertising on your front lawn!

By parking your used car with a ‘for sale’ sticker outside your home or on the street corner, you’re not only exposing the vehicle to the harsh SA weather elements but also reckless drivers, vandalism and potential theft. Park the car back in your garage and adopt the sell car online approach. It ensures your used car remains in the same condition that you have advertised it and avoids any nasty surprises!

More Descriptions and Images to Showcase your Car

The better you can describe and illustrate your used car, the greater your chances are of quickly finding a prospective buyer. No other medium offers a greater scope to include all the fine details of your particular vehicle, in addition to photographs from all angles, than online car sales platforms. Potential buyers value accurate descriptions and it increases your chances of generating solid leads and quickly selling your used car.

Sell Online at is an online platform that helps you exchange quality used cars for cash – quickly, for free & at the best price out there! As a used car seller, you often fret about having to deal with time-wasters and the threat of scam-artists. Weelee avoids this by bringing together hundreds of pre-approved car dealers as exclusive potential buyers for your quality used vehicle. The highest cash offer bid is a genuine one, and payment is instantly made before you part with your car. What are you waiting for? Don’t just sell it, Weelee it. Register Today.

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