Sell your Car Safely and Securely in 2019


A new year often comes with the promise and motivation of New Year’s resolutions. And for some, one such resolution that may have been deferred for far too long, is to sell your car. With a sharpened focus on the fresh year ahead, and the drafting of personal and business goals, there has never been a better time to upgrade. Read on, as we explain how you can safely and securely sell your car in 2019, and recoup a sizeable amount towards your next vehicle upgrade.


Do background checks on potential buyers before meeting.

While many used car transactions are generally concluded without a hitch, it’s still natural to feel a little nervous dealing with strangers when trying to sell your car. You can usually gauge if a potential buyer is serious or suspicious from the initial phone conversation. One of the first indicators of a potential scam is a potential buyer who is anxious to discuss payment terms before even seeing the vehicle in person. Always request licence details before you take the process to sell your car to the next stage of negotiations.


Sell your car on your payment terms

With transactions involving hundreds of thousands of rands, you need to be cautious as to how you want the deal to go through. Be upfront with any potential buyer about your payment terms. Don’t fall victim to the scam where a buyer sends you proof of payment, demanding the vehicle, before the funds clear in your account. Likewise, any buyer who transfers a “deposit”, and promises to pay the balance once they have collected the vehicle, is a warning sign. Stay well clear of such a buyer!. On Weelee, each and every prospective buyer has been pre-approved by us, with buyers settling instantly with sellers upon final inspection.


Protect yourself against possible identity theft when you are selling

Becoming the victim of identity theft has the potential of destroying your life and has become an increasing trend in RSA. The vehicle service records you provide to potential buyers when you want to sell your car may inadvertently contain confidential information, and this has been traced back to many identity theft cases. To ensure that you don’t become a victim, block out all personal information with a black marker to protect yourself from future identity fraud. Weelee takes Seller Privacy very seriously. Your uploaded vehicle photos will automatically have licence plates blurred. Your name and contact details will only be disclosed to the bidder whose offer you decide to accept.


Sell your car with peace of mind with Weelee

Weelee, a South African online used vehicle marketplace, was established to offer the public simplicity, security and efficiency when selling their car. Online Security is non-negotiable, with each and every potential buyer on our platform being pre-approved and pre-authorized to bid for your vehicle. Dodge the scammers and sell your car safely and securely in 2019 by registering your vehicle today. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it!

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