Sell Car online for Free – Is this for Real, What’s the Catch?

Sell Car online for Free - Is this for Real, What's the Catch?
Ever looked at a deal online that speaks directly to you and thought, “Hey, surely this is too good to be true?” In the auto industry, the term “sell car online for free”, can initially be shrouded in uncertainty and doubt. And your first instinct of apprehension is an entirely natural one. However, with the advancement of online applications, used car owners are now able to sell their vehicles online, both free of charge, and faster than ever before.

Welcome to the future of online car classifieds. It’s quick, it’s safe, and best of all, unlike property sales, it’s completely commission-free to you, the seller.

Sell Car Online for Free – So where do I start?

In a recent blog, we outlined how selling your car online has overtaken traditional private selling as the best medium for parting with your old vehicle. For many first time online sellers, it’s been a daunting initial foray into online marketplaces. Consumers can buy and sell literally anything these days online. As a used car seller, you have a lot more to lose than, say, the old garden deck chair furniture.

Before you start to “sell car online for free,” it is imperative that you do your homework to find a trusted and reputable platform, in which you can receive genuine offers from serious buyers. At Weelee, the focus from the offset has been to create a simple and secure platform that gives you nothing to lose, while protecting you from potential scam artists, time-wasters and window shoppers!

Sell Car Online for Free – So Who pays for all this Effort and Automation?

If you’re selling your car and acquiring some serious bucks in the process, that little voice in the back of your mind will be asking, “so who’s paying for this transaction?” because obviously somebody has to front a fee. has created a platform whereby the prospective seller will never be charged to advertise and sell on its website. No upfront payments, no registration fees nor a percentage of the used car settlement amount. The final buyer of your car, a pre-approved dealer on our site, is the only party liable to pay fees for Weelee services.

Weelee is South Africa’s fastest-growing online vehicle marketplace. What sets us apart from the many rivals in the market, is our commitment to putting you in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating and accepting bids from our pre-approved dealers. With anonymity maintained up until the final offer acceptance, South African drivers can safely and securely sell a car online for free on our platform. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it.

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