Sell Your (small) Car Online – It’s That Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year when the second-hand market for small cars is at its peak. Students are heading off to university and college campuses, graduates are starting their first jobs, newly married couples are car shopping, and ‘retirees’ are looking to downscale. The best car in all these scenarios is usually a small one, for a variety of reasons: price, fuel consumption, manoeuvrability, practicality and resale value. It just makes sense. So this is the time of year to sell your small car online. The dealers have been alerted. 

At Weelee – the best online platform to sell your car – we have pre-approved, reputable dealers waiting to bid on your car. (Which is why you are guaranteed the best price). 

Read on to find out what the most popular small cars are and, if you own one of these beloved zippy run-around ‘city cars,’ you might be tempted to sell your car online. 

New Digs 

Matric is done and dusted and young adults are flying the coop. But wings are not enough. Many parents are looking to send their adult children off in a reliable vehicle. And the fortunate students? Well, they just want a set of wheels – (with a side order of cool). If you own a Hyundai I10, a Fiat 500, an Opel Adam, a Ford Figo or a Kia Picanto, then you have insider trading into this niche market – and Weelee is the best online place to sell your small car. These are really popular student cars and our dealers are poised to bid on yours. 

New Home

December is generally the most popular month for weddings in South Africa. That means January is the most popular month for young couples to find a new home, flat or apartment. Money is tight and budgeting becomes serious business in the real world of adulting. 

New couples are looking for a trendy but affordable car that is economical (to meet the budget) and reliable (to get them to work on time). They may also be thinking longer-term in case of the pitter-patter of little feet. If you are considering selling one of the following popular ‘city cars’ – Suzuki Swift, Hyundai I20, Honda Jazz, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, or VW Polo – then now is definitely the time to sell your car. 

New Season of Life

The Retirement Village property market is booming, but the initial investment into one of these upmarket locations requires scaling down a little. As people start entering the ‘retirement’ stage of life, they are looking for lock-up-and-go and the freedom to travel. A smaller urban compact car becomes a wise investment and the range of options is broad. 

Sell your car

This is the ideal time for you to sell your car – from the Datsun Go, the Toyota Aygo, and the Nissan Micra to the Smart, Mercedes A-Class, BMW I3 and the ever-popular iconic Mini. (Why not?) Age is merely a number and some are able to splurge a little at this stage of life. 


‘Now is the best time to sell your small car and Weelee is the best place to do that online.’ We have a whole host of South Africans who have tried us and agree with this statement. 

We understand that your options are limited when trying to sell your second-hand car. This is why Weelee is the most hassle-free online platform that helps you exchange any used cars for cash – quickly, for free and at the best price out there! Our user-friendly site makes the entire process simple and secure for you. Plus, it’s obligation-free!

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